Forklift Operator Individual

$49.95 per student - Available in Spanish!

If you have experience operating a forklift and need your certification to get a job... for just $49.95 you can get your OSHA forklift Operator Card in as little as ONE HOUR.

In just a few simple steps, you can get 100% OSHA certified. Certify Me allows you to get certified in under and hour in some cases, and our programs also come in Spanish.

Individual Forklift Training and Certification

IMPORTANT: Print this page now for your individual forklift training. You’ll need this checklist when you sign up for the certification class.

Do you know how to operate a forklift but lack individual forklift certification? can help you get your OSHA forklift operator card in less than TWO HOURS for only $49.95.

Why Do I Need OSHA Individual Forklift Training?

OSHA has the authority to levy a penalty on your employer of $7,000 per untrained forklift operator. For willful violations, this can escalate to $70,000. If you already have a job and don’t have individual forklift certification, make yourself indispensable to your current employers and contact to get your individual forklift certification.

How Do I Get Individual Forklift Training?

If you HAVE experience operating a powered industrial vehicle, DO THIS:

Create an account with and complete the three simple steps as indicated below.

If you DO NOT HAVE experience operating a powered industrial vehicle, DO THIS:

Before can help you to get individual forklift certification, you need to get some training and experience operating a forklift. Here are a few ways you might be able to learn how to drive a forklift.

How Does OSHA Individual Forklift Training Work?

OSHA requires that you complete your OSHA individual forklift operator training in 3 simple steps:

1. Classroom-style individual forklift training. This is completed online and will train you in all vital OSHA safety topics.

2. An online test of your individual forklift operator training. This satisfies OSHA that you understand their requirements. We use open-book testing so you may review the course material to make sure you understand it. Once you have passed this phase of your individual forklift operator training, you will be able to print out a check-off sheet for the employer to use to complete the third and final step.

The first two steps of your individual forklift operator training can be completed in less than two hours.

3. It is MANDATORY that your employer conducts this step. In order for you to obtain your individual forklift certification, your employer is required by law to conduct and document a hands-on examination. This test must be specific to both the workplace and to the equipment that you will be using on site.

When Will I Get My Individual Forklift Certification?

Once you have passed the test for the online training and you and your employer have gone through the hands-on checklist, you will be able to print a temporary certificate and operator card. An original, printed copy of both documents will be sent to you in the mail at the address you gave when you registered.


1. If you are not currently affiliated with a company you will need to create an account for your self.
Register A Company.

2. Use your first and last name in the Company box.

3. Enter your own information in the rest of the fields of the registration form.

Your name in the “Company” box

Your name as the “Evaluator”

Your name as the “Company Contact”

4. Use your email or an email account you have access to.

5. Double check your mailing address.

Please include apartment numbers

This is the address where your permanent Certificate and laminated Operator Card will be mailed.

If you don’t give us the complete address your certificates will be delayed.

6. Complete the Register a Student form using your own information. Select the training class you wish to complete and then continue to the secure online payment page.

7. Log in from the home page to begin training. In as little as one hour you will be able to print your OSHA forklift safety credentials right from your own computer, and in about 7-10 business days your permanent Certificate and laminated Operator Card will come in the mail.

If you don’t have forklift operator experience – read this!

Five Places to get Forklift Training

If you don’t have prior experience operating a forklift, our service is not for you.

BUT, see below for five places to get forklift training.

  • Local material handling dealers or forklift dealers
  • Equipment rental companies
  • Local Job Corps vocational training
  • Community colleges
  • Make it known at your current job that you desire forklift certification and move up to become a licensed forklift operator.



Follow step-by-step instructions to get OSHA compliant!

This low-cost program can be completed anytime, anywhere!

Here’s how OSHA forklift certification works. OSHA requires 3 Simple Steps to a complete forklift operator certification:

1.Classroom forklift safety training.

You will be trained in all the vital OSHA safety topics when you sign up for our online training program.

2. A Test of What Your Learned

OSHA wants to make sure you “get it” so our simple program uses open book testing so you can review and correct questions you might have missed to make sure that you “get it”.

3. A Road Test or Hands-On evaluation

This is the most misunderstood aspect of the law.

Read This:

The Employer is required by law to perform and document a road-test or hands-on evaluation.

The road test must be site specific and equipment specific.

It makes good sense to actually observe a new operator on the forklift. Would you send some one out to work with a dangerous piece of equipment without making sure that they know what they are doing. You will get an easy checklist for the employer to complete your certification.

*It is MANDATORY that any employer complete this crucial third step.

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