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With so many rules and regulations regarding forklift operators, it’s vital that you and your employees are fully trained and certified to operate forklifts in a safe manner. Not doing so can potentially result in injury, loss of lives and OSHA fines. While many employers find that having their employees obtain a forklift license is time-consuming and a hassle, through, employees can quickly and easily earn their forklift license online in as little as one hour. It’s quick, easy, and affordable!

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Forklift Certificate

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Forklift License Card

Forklift Certification Card

What is a Forklift License Card?

A forklift training card is essentially the official forklift license you receive once you pass both the written online training with as well as the in-person practical you do with your trainer. Both of these educational experiences are essential for teaching new operators the ins and outs of operating forklifts, in addition to the safety hazards to look out for and the steps to completing comprehensive inspections.

Why is Forklift Certification So Important?

Contrary to popular belief, driving a forklift is not the same as driving an automobile. It requires completely different skills and knowledge, and comes with its own share of hazards. Operators must be separately trained in these skills, and must receive a forklift operator card to prove it. With the dangers associated with forklifts that claim lives every year, employers aren’t willing to simply go by a “promise” that an employee has receiving forklift training. It’s required by OSHA that all forklift workers receive a forklift license card to help prevent accidents in the workplace and make it easier for employers to find the best employees.

What Are the Benefits if I Get My Forklift License Card?

Beyond the requirements of attaining this level of education, completing a forklift certification and receiving a forklift license can propel you into a better, higher paying career with more responsibilities. Employers will be looking for those with a forklift license, so having one will place you at the top of the job applicant stack. If you want to qualify for a great forklift career and be able to protect your life on the job, you need a forklift training card.

What Are the Requirements for a Forklift License?

What do I have to do to get my forklift license? Simply pass our training in our online forklift school. OSHA requires that all aspiring forklift operators complete certain trainings, and these requirements help to show that the driver is efficient in their safe driving skills and that they have mastered all of the knowledge needed to operate a forklift safely and effectively.

Through the OSHA forklift certificate training, you will learn the following:

  • How to operate the truck in a safe manner
  • The different types of vehicles used
  • The hazards and safety requirements that you must carry out to drive the forklift

Once you have received your OSHA forklift license, you are free to operate the forklift at your business without the worry of receiving any violations.

Does a Forklift License Card Expire?

How long is your forklift operator card and certificate good for? Typically, three years.  However, there are other instances in which an operator would have to renew their card, and not doing so could result in an OSHA penalty or fine. Luckily, with the purchase of forklift training through, you will have access to a forklift recertification program for life, adding even more value to our training package. With this single purchase, you will ensure you have OSHA-compliant forklift training forever.

How to Receive a Forklift Certificate

If you’re wondering, “How can I get my forklift license?” we’re happy to say that the answer is simple. All you have to do is register on for forklift classes. The entire registration process takes ten minutes or less and then you are ready to begin your OSHA forklift certification card training. The training only takes one hour from any device with an internet connection, and the OSHA forklift certification card test takes fifteen minutes. In just over one hour, your employees can receive their forklift training card. This gives you instant proof of your forklift certificate and brings you under compliance immediately.

Without having to purchase any books or rent a facility for training, we offer the most cost-effective training available.

Choose to Receive Your Forklift License Card is a training leader in the forklift certification card industry. They are able to conduct a quick and easy training session and test that will give you your forklift certificate in under two hours. With the low price of your training session for your forklift training certificate, you will receive your three-year renewal card at no extra cost. Through, thousands of companies have been able to become OSHA compliant, by having all of their employees receive their forklift training certificate. Through their easy program, you can get your certificate and forklift operator card at your own pace, in your own place.


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  • FREE 3 Year Renewals
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*If you are an individual not currently employed by a company use your personal name in
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