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OSHA Forklift Regulations You Need to Know

Forklifts are essential components of warehouses and construction sites around the world. Their ability to move heavy loads quickly and safely allows them to play key roles in a number of different industries. So long as OSHA forklift regulations are followed, these machines are excellent Read More…

How Much Does a Forklift Weigh?

Forklifts are an essential piece of equipment for many warehouses; however, knowing the weight of a forklift is about more than just being able to transport them. Understanding your lift’s weight can help you create a safe work environment for your employees by ensuring their Read More…

What is the Forklift Speed Limit?

There is no universal answer to the question of how fast a forklift can go. The forklift speed limit varies depending on the type of vehicle, the load being carried, and the environment in which the forklift is being operated. For example, most electric forklifts Read More…

Understanding Forklift Ramp Slope Requirements

Forklift ramps are a common sight in many industrial and construction settings. They are used to move materials between different levels, and can be found both inside and outside of buildings. While forklift ramps can be a convenient way to transport goods, they can also Read More…

Walkie Stacker Forklifts vs Regular Forklifts

Walkie Stacker Forklift A walkie stacker forklift is a walk-behind pallet truck that features a mast for lifting pallets. It represents an excellent choice in tight workspaces where a standard lift won’t fit.  Walkie stacker safety is key, regardless of where workers use this type Read More…

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