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Diesel Forklift & Electric Forklift Comparisons

Forklifts are a vital part of any large warehouse or other workplace that carries, stocks, and transports heavy materials. Without them, moving goods where they need to go would be much slower and less efficient. There are many types of forklifts with different features and Read More…

All About National Forklift Safety Day

Are you ready for National Forklift Safety Day? More importantly, are your forklift operators? Wait…there’s a National Forklift Safety Day? You bet! When is National Forklift Safety Day in 2022?’s favorite holiday falls on Tuesday, June 14th. It’s a great chance for your company Read More…

Must-Read Guide To Buying Forklifts

A typical forklift buy is a major investment. When making such an important decision, there are a wide range of factors to consider. Understanding the forklift market is a major undertaking, and doing your research upfront can save you serious time and energy in the Read More…

The Comprehensive Guide to Forklift Controls

Forklift controls aren’t standard across the board. Rough terrain forklift controls, for example, are different from those of a sit down indoor warehouse forklift. A pallet jack control cluster looks nothing like a heavy-duty dockyard or shipyard outdoor forklift. And stand up forklift controls are Read More…

What is a Spotter?

When operators fail to handle a forklift properly, it can tip over. For example, driving with too much weight or an unbalanced load can cause a tip-over. Extending the forks too far can also cause a tip-over.  As a result of these and other operator Read More…

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