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How to Earn Your Forklift Certification Near Me

forklift certification near meOdds are good that if you’re searching for “forklift certification near me,” you may not recognize the benefits of online certification programs.’s convenient OSHA-compliant training program makes it easier than ever to learn new skills and train for new opportunities. 

Forklift Training Near Me

OSHA compliance is extremely important for any company, and especially those that employ forklift drivers,pallet jack drivers and other powered industrial truck operators. is the training & compliance solution you need.

Many employers want to know where to get forklift certified near me – well, if you have a solid internet connection and some spare time to train your employees, it’s easier and more affordable than you think!

Class 1, 4 & 5 Warehouse Forklifts – $59.95

  • Class 1: Electric Motor Rider Trucks
  • Class 4: Internal Combustion Engine Trucks – Cushion (Solid) Tires
  • Class 5: Internal Combustion Engine Trucks – Pneumatic Tires

Learn more about our warehouse forklift course here.

Class 2 & 3 Pallet Jacks & Order Pickers – $59.95

  • Class 2: Electric Motor Narrow Aisle Trucks
  • Class 3: Electric Motor Hand or Hand/Rider Trucks

Learn more about our pallet jack certification here.

Class 7 Rough Terrain Forklifts – $59.95

  • Class 7: Electric and Internal Combustion Engine Tractors

Learn more about our rough terrain forklift course here.

In-House Training Solution – Qualified Trainer/Evaluator Certification – $149.00

Bring training in-house with our convenient Train the Trainer course. Once complete, learners will have the skills they need to oversee the training of new forklift operators. Rather than send workers searching for forklift certification near me, future trainings can be completed on site with a certified trainer.

The Importance of Certification

First and foremost, the primary reason for having forklift operators who are properly trained is accident prevention and workplace safety. It’s also the law, and noncompliance or other violations, such as allowing drivers with expired licenses to operate the equipment can result in OSHA imposing severe penalties and fines amounting to tens of thousands of dollars.

A well-trained and certified driver is far less likely to be involved in an accident. Fewer accidents mean less downtime, fewer repair costs and possible litigation on behalf of injured employees. Training & OSHA compliance is a win-win for everyone involved. Properly trained and certified operators will also have more confidence on the job, which translates directly to increased efficiency and higher productivity. 

Since 2002, has been quickly, conveniently and affordably training and certifying new employees, as well as recertifying veteran operators.  It’s no wonder so many turn to us when they search for forklift certification near me.

Benefits of Forklift Certification Training

forklift training near me

Ever since new health and safety regulations came into force, OSHA has had the power to impose stiff fines of up to $7,000 for EACH non-certified operator. Certain willful violations attract fines as high as $30,000. In today’s competitive job environment, certified forklift operators are more in demand than ever before. Since our training is automatically updated to reflect OSHA policy changes, you’ll never be caught unaware of new rules and regulations. 

The second benefit to completing certification training is an enhanced ability to avoid accidents and protect your life on the job. This is good for your employer in many ways, but it’s the most important for you. Forklifts cause deadly accidents every year, and the underlying cause of the majority of them is operator error. Finding the right training program for forklift certification near me is the most effective way to stay safe and prevent injuries and fatalities.

Convenience is another key benefit of our certification training. Put an end to the search for forklift training near me – our online offerings make it easy to learn wherever you might be located. Aspiring forklift operators can access our online training from any device that has an internet connection. We cover every topic you’ll need to master in order to become certified. To top it all off, we even throw in free lifetime renewal training for learners. That makes this one of the best opportunities to earn your forklift certification imaginable.

What’s Included in’s Forklift Certification Near Me

If you’re still wondering “where to get forklift certified near me,CertifyMe is the answer. We can train workers and get them certified in about an hour’s time. Since OSHA requires forklift operators to train in two phases before receiving their forklift license, it’s important to understand our two-phase OSHA compliant training program. Here’s what to expect:

1. Classroom training.

This training is conducted online by experienced forklift operators. At the end of the course, there’s a short test to establish that you understand the information covered. This test is open book and there are no time limits, so students can go back and review the course material if a question is answered.

Here are some of the topics covered by our online courses:

✓ Properly and safely operating a forklift

✓ Understanding and managing a forklift’s mechanism and controls

✓ Performing equipment inspections and routine maintenance

✓ Assessing the surrounding environment for obstacles and other potential hazards

✓ Navigating corners, blind spots and ramps

✓ Recognizing workplace hazards

✓ Preventing accidents that can result in property and equipment damage and serious worker injuries

✓ Understanding and remaining compliant with OSHA regulations

2. Hands On Learning

The second phase of our forklift certification training takes place on the jobsite, since OSHA requires site-specific and equipment-specific training and in addition to classroom-style instruction, and makes it mandatory for both to be provided by the employer. After your workers complete the online training and pass the exam, a checklist to be used for the hands-on evaluation is automatically printed. After students complete this second phase of the training, temporary certificates of completion and operator cards can be downloaded and printed. Permanent copies will be mailed and arrive seven to ten days later.’s Train the Trainer course is a great option for companies looking for OSHA forklift certification near me. It allows you to bring training for the entire team in-house. You’ll gain customized control over training materials, save money on travel and time off, and see no loss in productivity while employees train. At just $149.00, this opportunity is simply too good to pass up.

FAQs About Forklift Certification Near Me

Below are some questions we’re often asked by both employers and workers interested in a forklift driving career, along with our answers.

Where Can I Get Forklift Certification Near Me for Myself or My Employees?

When you choose, forklift training near me is anywhere on the planet there’s an Internet connection! Whether you’re a trained forklift operator who needs their certification or an employer who has operators that need training, you’ve come to the right place! can help you or your workers get forklift licenses at your workplace, in a library or coffee shop, or in the comfort and convenience of home. All that’s needed is an internet connection. We’ll cover every topic needed to receive a license and become OSHA-compliant.

Is OSHA-approved Forklift Training Near Me Available for Employees to Earn Their Forklift Licenses?

Absolutely. specializes in online forklift certification. With a reliable internet connection and an hour or so of extra time, your workers can be certified and become OSHA compliant in virtually no time at all!

What Does it Cost to Get My Employees Forklift License Near Me and My Company?

Many business owners are curious about where to get forklift certification and how much it costs. Our regular online forklift classes are $59.95 each, while our qualified trainer / evaluator certification is $149. Compared to other third party or offsite training classes, it’s really no contest – no other OSHA compliant training programs offer the value and convenience that comes with training. For more information on the cost of our programs, check out our pricing page.

Is Online Forklift Certification Legit?

It’s not only legit and fully approved by OSHA, but it’s the preferred way to train & certify employees across the United States. Thanks to our affordable prices, online format and outstanding customer service – not to mention free renewal training – CertifyMe has a training solution to fit your schedule and budget! Sign up today and get OSHA compliant!

If My Workers Get Forklift Licenses Near Me, Where Are They valid?

Anywhere in the country! All our online courses are nationally accredited and completely OSHA compliant, and the license goes with the licensee. Your workers can legally use their licenses at your company’s in-state or out-of state branch facilities and job-sites.

Learn more about forklift training and certification near you by clicking on your region of interest below:


Forklift Certification in United StatesWhere to get a Forklift License Near Me: West Region


Riverside, CA

Earn your forklift operator card in Riverside from anywhere you have access to the Internet. Learn more about affordable online forklift classes at

San Diego, CA

If you’re searching for forklift certification in sunny San Diego, is the leader in web-based forklift training. Learn more about your future forklift operator career in San Diego today.

Anaheim, CA

With quick, affordable classes, your Anaheim, CA forklift certification is just an hour away! Learn more at

Bakersfield, CA

Looking for quick, convenient forklift certification courses in Bakersfield, CA? has everything you need to get certified and launch your new career.

San Francisco, CA

Getting forklift certified in San Francisco has never been more convenient or affordable. With, you’ll be ready to operate lifts in about an hour’s time!

Santa Ana, CA

Discover everything you need to know about forklift certification training in Santa Ana with Simple web-based classes mean you can get certified anywhere you have internet access.

Santa Fe, CA

We provide three courses for forklift certification in Santa Fe, CA. Keep your employees safe!

San Bernardino, CA

Launch your new career and get forklift certified in San Bernardino. It’s never been easier to learn new skills and invest in your future.

Oakland, CA

Forklift certification in Oakland has never been easier or more convenient. At, you can get your operator card the same day you begin your training.

Sacramento, CA

At, receiving forklift training in Sacramento is easy with inexpensive web-based training. Get certified anytime, anywhere, in an hour or less.

Fresno, CA

Looking for forklift certification in Fresno? Get your operator card in an hour or less with our web-based training. Learn more at, the leaders in online forklift certifications.

Fontana, CA

The solution to all your problems is easy with We offer Fontana forklift certification programs that are 100% compliant with OSHA.

Los Angeles, CA

With inexpensive web-based forklift training, head to, the center for forklift certification in Los Angeles.

Long Beach, CA

Learn more about forklift operator careers in Long Beach at With simple web-based classes, get certified anywhere you have Internet access.

San Jose, CA

Forklift certification in San Jose is at your fingertips. At you can earn your forklift operator card the very same day you start your training. Don’t delay—get trained today!

Stockton, CA

With quick, affordable classes, your Stockton forklift certification is only an hour away. Learn more at

Paradise, CA

Nestled in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Paradise forklift training can jump-start your new forklift operator career in this charming town. Get training from the comfort of your own home, or wherever you have an internet connection.

Petaluma, CA

Our affordable online training program makes getting your Petaluma Forklift Certification easy! Learn more about getting trained in Petaluma.

Orange County, CA

There is no shortage of opportunities for certified forklift operators in Southern California. Learn more about getting trained in Orange County now. 

Oakland, CA

Looking for forklift certification training in Oakland? Allow to guide you through the entire convenient, affordable process.


Do you need forklift certification in Oregon? Head to where they offer fast and inexpensive web-based training.

Portland, OR
If you’re looking for Portland forklift training, head to to get your operator card the same day. Learn more about our simple and convenient online classes.

Other Cities in the West

Las Vegas, NV
Forklift training in Las Vegas has never been easier. Learn how to get certified in this booming city with, the leaders in online forklift certification.

Boise, ID
With affordable, online classes, forklift certification in Boise is now easier than ever. At, get forklift training with fast, inexpensive online classes.

Denver, CO
With, you can get forklift certified in Denver on your lunch break –we make it that easy. Learn more now.

Seattle, WA
Avoid rainy Seattle streets and get forklift certified in the comfort of your own home with Our easy, online classes are the best way to earn your forklift operator card in Seattle. Learn how to get started today.

Cheyenne, WY, takes the guesswork out of Cheyenne forklift certification. Your workers can complete our forklift certification training at their convenience!

Where to get Forklift Certified Near Me: Southwest Region


Tucson, AZ
For forklift training in Tucson, head to and learn about their fast and affordable online classes.

Phoenix, AZ
With fast and easy web-based classes, is the headquarters for forklift training in Phoenix.

Mesa, AZ
With easy-to-use online classes, forklift certification in Mesa is possible anywhere you have Internet access. Learn how to get certified at today.


Arlington, TX

If you’re looking where to go for forklift certification in Arlington, offers online training classes and a certification in less than an hour. Learn more.

Dallas, TX
To become a forklift operator in Dallas, get certified in an hour or less with affordable and convenient online classes. Learn more at, the top spot for online forklift training.

Austin, TX
Forklift training in Austin is fast, simple, and affordable at With convenient online classes, you can get trained and certified in an hour or less.

El Paso, TX
Forget books and manuals. With convenient and inexpensive online classes at, forklift certification in El Paso is easier than ever.

Fort Worth, TX
At, you can get Fort Worth forklift certification with affordable online classes. Get certified on your lunch break, in the evenings, or on the weekends.

Houston, TX
Forklift training in Houston is fast and simple with convenient online classes. Learn more at

San Antonio, TX
San Antonio forklift training has never been easier with our online classes. Get started today to earn your forklift certification.

Plano, Texas

Forklift training in Plano is convenient, affordable, and fast, thanks to Get certified in about an hour’s time with our online course.

Where to get Forklift Certified Near Me: Other Southwest Cities

Albuquerque, NM
Forklift certification in Albuquerque is only a click away with Get your operator card in an hour or less.

Oklahoma City
Oklahoma City Forklift training is fast and affordable at With convenient online classes, you can get certified in an hour or less.


Baltimore, MD
Get your Baltimore forklift certification at With their easy and affordable online classes, you’re steps away from forklift training.

Boston, MA
At, get your forklift certification in Boston with affordable web-based training. Get certified anytime, anywhere, in an hour or less.

New York, NY
New York is a city full of grand opportunity, and that includes the opportunity to start your forklift operator career. Forklift training in New York has never been easier with Get started today!

Philadelphia, PA
At, get your forklift training in Philadelphia on your lunch hour with simple web-based classes. Learn more about getting certified online.

Where to get Forklift Certified Near Me: Southeast Region


Memphis, TN
Get your forklift certification in Memphis with affordable web-based classes. With 24/7 access, get certified anytime, anywhere, in an hour or less.

Nashville, TN
Nashville forklift training is simple and easy at With convenient online classes, you can get certified from wherever you like with an Internet connection. Learn more.


Miami, FL

If you’re looking for forklift certification in Miami, offers fast, affordable online classes. Get certified today by leaders of web-based forklift training.

Jacksonville, FL

Get Jacksonville forklift certification anywhere you have access to the Internet at With 24/7 convenience, get certified the same day with our easy-to-use online classes.

Tampa, FL

Interested in a new and exciting career? Get forklift trained and certified in Tampa today to start your career as a forklift operator.

Orlando, FL

It’s never been easier to kickstart your forklift operator career in Orlando. Get trained and certified today!

Where to get Forklift License Near Me: Other Cities in the Southeast

Atlanta, GA
For forklift certification in Atlanta, head to CertifyMe. We make getting forklift certified easy and convenient.

Charlotte, NC
Charlotte is a great city to be a forklift operator. Start your career today and get training in Charlotte with

Raleigh, NC
North Carolina’s growing economy has many supervisors asking, “where to get forklift certified near me”? With online classes, get your forklift certification in Raleigh without costly books or manuals. Get started on

New Orleans, LA
If you’re looking for New Orleans forklift training, is the right place to look. Get your forklift operator card today with our online courses!

Louisville, KY
Looking for a new and exciting forklift career in Louisville? Get forklift training and certification today to become a forklift operator.

Virginia Beach, VA
If you’re looking where to get forklift certification in Virginia Beach, offers convenient and inexpensive online classes. Learn more about web-based forklift training.

Washington D.C.
Get your forklift training in Washington D.C. with our easy online classes. Get certified anytime, anywhere, in an hour or less.

Where to get a Forklift License Near Me: Midwest

Cleveland, OH

With quick, affordable online classes, forklift certification is easier than ever. Get training in Cleveland anywhere you have Internet access and be certified in an hour or less at Many of our Ohio always wonder, where is the best place to get forklift license near me? With our forklift training classes, we’re always just a click away!

Columbus, OH

If looking for forklift training in Columbus, OH you came to the right place. Get Forklift certified online today.

Chicago, IL offers convenient and affordable online classes if you’re looking where to get forklift certification in Chicago. Learn more about web-based forklift training.

Detroit, MI

Forklift training in Detroit has never been more simple. Head to and learn more about their fast and affordable online classes.

Kalamazoo, MI

There are no shortage of exciting opportunities available for those who get forklift certified in Kalamazoo, MI. has everything you need to launch a new career. 

Kansas City, MO

For forklift certification in Kansas City, you’ve come to the right place. With our simple online classes, you can get certified anywhere in Kansas City.

Springfield, MO

When it comes to forklift certification in Springfield, MO, nothing tops Inexpensive online courses make it more convenient than ever to learn new skills.

Milwaukee, WI

Forklift training in Milwaukee is easier than ever with 24/7 access to web-based classes. Getting your forklift operator card has never been more simple or convenient.

Minneapolis, MN

With affordable, online classes, get Minneapolis forklift training whenever is most convenient. Learn more about web-based forklift training at

Indianapolis, IN

Get the fastest forklift training with inexpensive online classes at Learn more about forklift certification in Indianapolis.

Des Moines, IA

For Des Moines and surrounding areas businesses, can help you get your workers in compliance with OSHA forklift safety standards.

Utah, Forklift Certification 

If your organization employs forklift operators, you know that they’ll need forklift certification in Utah before they can begin working.

Wondering Where to Get Forklift Certification Online? Choose

Many people come to us wondering where to get forklift certified near me. CertifyMe really is the best solution. No matter where you might be located, convenient online learning can happen so long as you have a reliable internet connection. 

Upon signing up for our online training, you’ll gain access to comprehensive resources that eliminate the need to enroll in an expensive in-person program. There’s no need to travel to an off-site facility, either. Instead, you’ll complete your certification from the comfort of home, while on your lunch break, or at any convenient moment. Our online forklift training was designed to be fast, efficient, and thorough – you’ll learn everything you need to safely and effectively operate forklifts and avoid accidents. Our online forklift certification is 100 percent OSHA compliant, ensuring that you’ll meet federal standards should an inspector stop by. Certification makes you more marketable to employers, too. Anyone who sees CertifyMe training on your resume will certainly want you on board. 

Still wondering where to get forklift certification? The answer is simple:! 

Give us a call today at 1-888-699-4800 to sign up. For pricing and course overview descriptions, check out our Courses and Pricing page. Feel free to reach out online with any questions you might have about our offerings.

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