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Do you have some training gaps with OSHA compliance in your company? It could cost you, severely. OSHA fines and penalties for companies without Boise forklift certification can exceed ten thousand dollars, sometimes more.

If you hire forklift operators for any of the following facilities, sign up with for the best forklift certification in Boise.

 Distribution centers

✓ Retail outlets

✓ Warehouses

✓ Construction sites

✓ And many more

We help firms throughout the city with forklift certification in Boise., the leader in online forklift training & compliance, offers a great selection of courses to ensure your workplace is safer and more productive than you ever thought possible.

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Our training and forklift certification in Boise features:

  • Total online convenience
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  • The peace of mind that comes with OSHA compliance
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  • And much more

Employers are responsible for training and Boise forklift certification. With, you’ll have everything required to ensure your company is OSHA compliant!

Course Catalog: Forklift Certification in Boise – Pricing for Your OSHA Compliance Program

Get our forklift certification in Boise for less than you thought! Training starts at $59.95 for each course!

Warehouse Forklifts – Boise Class 1, 4 & 5 Forklift Certification

✓ Class 1: Electric Motor Rider Trucks

✓ Class 4: Internal Combustion Engine Trucks – Cushion (Solid) Tires

✓ Class 5: Internal Combustion Engine Trucks – Pneumatic Tires

Learn more about our warehouse forklift course here.

Class 2 & 3: Pallet Jacks & Order Pickers – Class 2 & 3 Forklift Certifications in Boise

✓ Class 2: Electric Motor Narrow Aisle Trucks

✓ Class 3: Electric Motor Hand or Hand/Rider Trucks

Learn more about our pallet jack certification here.

Construction, Heavy Duty & Rough Terrain Forklifts – Complete Certifications for Class 7 Forklift Certification in Boise

✓ Class 7: Electric and Internal Combustion Engine Powered Industrial Trucks (includes Rough Terrain and construction lifts)

Learn more about our rough terrain forklift course here.

Qualified Trainer/Evaluator Certification – Boise Forklift Certification at just $149.00.

Launch your new and improved safety program today! Get forklift certification in Boise through and give your employees the safe workplace they deserve – and that is required by law! Sign up today!

The Importance of Forklift Certification in Boise

Idaho’s largest city has everything:  a thriving cultural scene, growing academic credentials, and quality health care. Plus, Boise also has a varied, well-rounded economy that needs plenty of qualified, trained forklift operators to keep business booming. While Boise is part of flyover country, it’s also known as “drive-over” country, as in many forklifts are used throughout the state.

Why is forklift certification in Boise so important? For one, your employees can’t operate powered industrial trucks without it. Plus, if your company has an accident involving a forklift, OSHA will investigate. With our Boise forklift certification, you have the training records to show compliance.

Forklift certification in Boise is required by law. It promotes safety awareness for all of your employees. Plus, your forklift operators are more confident on the job with Boise forklift certification.

For these reasons and many more, it simply makes sense to connect with for your forklift certification in Boise. Register your company now!

Advantages of Boise Forklift Certification with

Once you have your forklift certification in Boise, your entire forklift fleet is compliant. Whether you use rough terrain lifts, narrow aisle forklifts, pallet jacks or other powered industrial trucks, our training packages include all the important safety rules and regulations established by the U.S. Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA). These standards change sometimes, so it’s good to have an experienced forklift certification partner in Boise like!

Our comprehensive training packages for Boise forklift certification include:

✓ Warehouse forklift training

Perfect for getting your Boise forklift certification.

✓ Rough terrain forklift instruction

If you’d like to work on Boise construction sites and other outdoor jobs, try this forklift certification in Boise!

✓ Pallet jacks & order pickers

Ideal for warehouse and distribution center employees.

✓ Qualified Trainer / Evaluator Certification

Special training package available at

Get your Boise forklift certification today with Without comprehensive training and instruction, you’re unprotected in the event of an audit – and your employees are unprotected from numerous hazards associated with forklift driving. With, you’ll have everything needed for forklift certification in Boise.

It’s the best thing you can do for your company –and your employees! For any questions about our Boise forklift certification program or training classes, give our forklift certification experts a call at 888-699-4800. If you’re ready to launch your forklift certification in Boise program today, click here. Thanks for visiting!

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*If you are an individual not currently employed by a company use your personal name in
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