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Warehouse Forklift Certification

Warehouses nationwide use forklifts to manage, store, and transport cargo. Employers are responsible for warehouse certification training. Employees need training and a skills evaluation before employees can operate a forklift.

Why is training and certification for warehouse forklift operators so important? Warehouse forklifts make up a big portion of all the industrial-powered trucks used in the United States, and this equipment is involved with one of the most common OSHA safety violations.

Are your employees trained to meet U.S. Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA’s) warehouse forklift certification safety standards? If not, has all the tools and resources to get your company compliant – and stay that way!

We provide an online training program for warehouse forklift fleets and outstanding customer support to get your safety program on the right track.

What is Warehouse Forklift Certification?

Warehouse forklift certification is the training, instruction, evaluation, and testing that gets warehouse forklift operators fully certified to operate your equipment according to OSHA guidelines.

This training and certification must account for OSHA’s guidelines and safety rules, which can be updated anytime. All valid certifications for warehouse forklifts should be designed with OSHA’s Standard 1910.178 in mind, which accounts for all the safety and training for powered industrial trucks.

Any worker who does not have OSHA-approved training and certification CANNOT legally operate a forklift in the United States. OSHA holds employers responsible for training and warehouse forklift certification and ensures their safety standards are adhered to.

Since many companies are unaware of the latest OSHA standards and might not know the latest warehouse forklift guidelines or what is required to recertify for warehouse forklift certification, they partner with to keep compliant!

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Benefits of Getting Warehouse Forklift Operators Certified with

Here are just some reasons our customers continue to use for all their warehouse forklift certification needs:

  • Timely completion of courses.
  • Affordability and value for money.
  • Online accessibility and ease of use.
  • 100% OSHA compliance
  • Awesome customer support
  • Limited liability in the event of a forklift accident – when your warehouse forklift workers are fully certified, you’ll avoid the most expensive OSHA fines.
  • And much more

Types of Warehouse Forklifts

Warehouse forklifts involve classes 1, 4, and 5:

  • electric motor rider forklifts
  • internal combustion engine trucks with cushion tires
  • internal combustion engine trucks with pneumatic tires.

These classifications are broken down further into these categories:

  • Class 1: sit-down rider trucks-electric, stand-up rider counterbalanced trucks
  • Class 4: sit-down rider fork, gas or LPG trucks, counterbalanced internal combustion trucks with cushion tires
  • Class 5: sit-down rider fork, gas or LPG internal combustion trucks with pneumatic tires, and counterbalanced trucks with pneumatic tires covers these three classifications (and much more) for your warehouse forklift certification! Sign up today and experience the difference with!

Warehouse Forklift Certification Online offers warehouse workers a convenient, 100% OSHA-compliant program that is completely online. It takes about one hour to complete. It awards the student with a printable certificate immediately upon completion. The program is easy to start and allows both English and Spanish speakers to take part.

Here’s a breakdown of our training programs for warehouse employees:

Our warehouse certification training covers class 1, 4, and 5 warehouse forklifts. The program costs only $59.95 for each module, and requires only a few minutes to create an account and get started. Once trainees have completed the online modules, and passed all quizzes, they will complete an in-person evaluation at their workplace.

Our Train a Trainer course gives employers qualified instructors to provide on site evaluations. This saves time in sending employees off site to be evaluated. If you need an onsite forklift safety expert, this course is for you! Many companies opt for our Train a Trainer course to ensure OSHA compliance at all times!

Additionally, you have employees who operate other kinds of forklifts besides warehouse forklifts. In that case, you’ll need our other training courses that teach Pallet Jacks and Order Pickers Classes 2 and 3, and Rough Terrain Forklifts Class 7. Get all the online warehouse training you need for your workplace at And remember, our warehouse forklift operator training classes are available in Spanish, too!

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Warehouse Forklift Certification Near Me

Finding a local provider for warehouse forklift certification can reduce time and expenses for any company that needs to train its warehouse forklift operators.

And nobody brings your training “local” quite like, which enables you to provide OSHA-compliant warehouse forklift training in your facility.

While some firms opt for an offsite, 3rd party provider, many companies choose as the smart, easily accessible training solution. One reason is the costs associated with travel, registration fees, and more. Instead of spending thousands of dollars for a local training outfit, you can cover all your warehouse forklift operators for just $159 with our Warehouse Operator Package, which you purchase for one low price and train all your drivers!

Many affordable training packages are available, including HAZMAT, fall protection, and more! Just visit our course catalog and select the warehouse forklift certification you need.

Safety Hazards and the Need for Certification

Here are three of the most frequently investigated accidents and safety hazards involving forklifts:

  • Tip-overs: this type of accident is the most common for warehouse forklifts. Tip-overs are caused by excessive loads, unsafe speed, and turning too fast.
  • Accidents involving pedestrians: warehouse forklift operators must be aware of foot traffic nearby, as pedestrian accidents happen more often than you think!
  • Crashes due to speeding: from running into warehouse shelving to hitting other warehouse forklifts, excessive speed is always a concern for warehouse safety. To avoid this type of warehouse forklift accident, follow the suggested speed noted in the manufacturer user guide. And if you think you’re going too fast, you probably are. Slow down!

For all types of accidents with warehouse lifts, the best action you can take to avoid them is simple–ensure you have updated warehouse forklift certification!

FAQs About Warehouse Forklift Certification

What is required to recertify warehouse forklift certification?

Your workers must be recertified every three years, per an OSHA requirement. With, the process is easy and FREE – have your employees take their training, and you don’t have to worry about lost working hours.

How does ensure OSHA compliance?

Aside from top-notch warehouse forklift certification & training, also lets you print out training records showing your workers have completed their training. Printing the certification is important to limit liability with audits and investigations of warehouse forklift accidents.

What are the different classes of warehouse forklifts and their uses?

Warehouse forklifts are categorized into three different classes: Class 1: Electric Motor Rider Trucks, Class 4: Internal Combustion Engine Trucks – Cushion (Solid) Tires, and Class 5: Internal Combustion Engine Trucks – Pneumatic Tires.

Warehouse forklifts are used for various loading and stacking tasks. Still, they are not designed for operating in narrow aisles or outside for construction. Warehouse forklifts are larger and more complex than pallet jacks. Pallet jacks are used in warehouses but used to transport wooden pallets. Specific warehouse forklift training is needed for workers to avoid hazards and prevent accidents associated with this type of forklift.

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Safety for your warehouse forklift operators is too important to overlook. Make sure you’re always compliant with We’ll get your entire warehouse forklift fleet fully trained and certified and keep them compliant with free 3-year renewal training. We know the ins and outs of OSHA regulations and what is required to recertify for warehouse forklift certification.

No other warehouse forklift training solution keeps you fully in charge of your warehouse forklifts and safety platform like See why companies everywhere in the U.S. rely on us for all their training and compliance requirements – sign up today!

If you have any questions about how to get your warehouse forklift drivers trained, contact us today or call us at 1-888-699-4800. Thanks for visiting!

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