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Order Picker License Training

order picker license

When people discuss forklift jobs, order pickers probably aren’t the first people that come to mind. Yet this type of profession is one of the most common careers in the forklift industry. What are the main functions of an order picker, and what type of training is required to do this job?

Your employees need an order pick license to operator any type of pallet jack or order picker, and can help them become OSHA compliant with our Pallet Jacks and Order Pickers training!

Why Do Your Employees Need Order Picker Training?

Simply put, OSHA requires every order picker truck operator to have the skills, knowledge and training to safely operator pallet jacks. If your company has an accident and their training isn’t up to date, OSHA can levy severe fines and penalties. What’s more, their safety is jeopardized when they’re not trained. Sign up for our order picker forklift training today!

Benefits of Our Order Picker Training Courses

With, you’ll have a proven training expert in all things related to OSHA compliance. Here are some advantages of our order picker truck training courses:

  • Affordable prices. For just $59.95, you’ll have a complete, OSHA compliant course.
  • Anytime convenience. Your order picker lift operators complete the courses anywhere, anytime, thanks to our convenient online format.
  • Complete compliance. Our order picker training classes meet all OSHA compliance requirements.
  • Free three year renewals. That’s right – whenever your order picker lift operators need retrained, has the required paperwork to ensure their licenses are updated and ready to go!

What Does an Order Picker Do? – Order Picker Job Description, Working Conditions & More

Order pickers do exactly what their name implies – they “pick” orders in a warehouse for stores, other distribution centers, retail centers, and more. Typically, order pickers are given a list of products to retrieve from a warehouse. Once this itemized list of goods (for example, a grocery order for a local store) is collected – usually on a motorized pallet jack – the order picker gets the pallet(s) ready for loading onto a truck. This involves driving the pallet jack throughout the warehouse, collecting different products on the order sheet, and safely getting out of the warehouse to load the orders onto a truck or other shipping vehicle. Some order pickers actually load their pallets into trucks.

Since order pickers drive an order picker lifts (industrial powered trucks), they have to complete order picker training and obtain an order pick license to work in the United States. Given their job description and different types of conditions to deal with, order pickers need to be OSHA compliant with their training. The types of conditions that order pickers work in are as varied as the different types of warehouses or distribution centers. Some order pickers are in a climate-controlled environment, while others work in sub-freezing temperatures.

Regardless of the order picker or forklift job, one thing is for certain: if your employees drive order picker trucks, they need an order picker license. That’s where CertifyMe can help.

Order Picker Forklift Training Requirements

To obtain an order picker license, you need to pass OSHA’s minimum safety training requirements, which fall under their Powered Industrial Truck safety guidelines. According to OSHA regulation 29 CFR 1910.178(l)(3)(ii), their overall safety rules for operating powered industrial trucks help improve order picker forklift safety. Many factors impact an order picker’s workplace setting, including:

  • Surface conditions – since many order pickers work in sub-zero conditions, workers must deal with occasional ice and other tricky (read: slippery) situations.
  • People traffic – knowing how to avoid pedestrians in a warehouse or similar setting is crucial for safe order picker duties.
  • Load handling – from pallet jacks to forklifts, an order picker must know the proper way to handle a variety of front and rear-facing cargo loads.
  • Exiting and entering warehouse. Order pickers and pallet jack operators are constantly entering and exiting their work area. OSHA’s order picker safety rules help explain some different safety concepts regarding this part of the job.

And that’s just the beginning of an order picker’s training. Order picker forklift safety is just as important as regular forklift rules and regulations. OSHA has identified other key areas to account for, and only the best training can catch everything. If you want to achieve your order picker license and give yourself a great chance to secure employment, CertifyMe knows all the important OSHA safety legislation – and it’s included in our forklift training and certification. Once you have your order picker forklift safety training, you’re well on your way to becoming the best pallet jack operator and order picker you can be! Sign up today with!

Get Your Order Picker License and Order Picker Forklift Training with CertifyMe Today!

To get started today, contact CertifyMe today. We’ll help you get your order picker license requirements, and we also have free three year renewalsCheck out our complete forklift training packages, including our order picker training course. With a great selection of powered industrial truck OSHA training courses, we can help you and your co-workers become complaint today. For more information on order picker trucks and order picker forklift training, please call us at 888-699-4800. Thanks for visiting, the leader in order pick license training!

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