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Five Florida Youths Busted in Forklift Joyride

Posted by: admin on May 12, 2015

Five Florida Youths Busted in Forklift Joyride

Five Florida Youths Busted in Forklift Joyride

Forklift thieves never seem to learn – cameras are everywhere these days. And for five Florida teens, their antics were caught in full view of the Broward (Fla.) Sheriff’s Office.

According to a story in the Sun Sentinel, five youths in Tamarac broke into the Ferguson Plumbing yard on Sunday, April 12th. Soon afterwards, the “fun” began.

The kids entered the business through the Millennium Middle School, which is located next to Ferguson Plumbing.

Three of the teenagers drove a forklift in donuts for over 2 minutes, and then parked the forklift where they found it. But Sheriff’s spokeswoman Gina Carter wasn’t pleased. “It wasn’t just childhood mischief because they were doing things to prevent themselves from being identified, like covering their faces with their shirts, using a plastic bag to avoid leaving any fingerprints,” Carter said.

A silent alarm alerted deputies, who responded to the scene. Soon after, the teens ran away.

Carter also said that the reckless driving caused damage to the forklift, which requires repairs.

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