4 Stupid Forklift Accidents: Laugh & Learn

Posted by: admin on March 18, 2014

Training can help you avoid forklift accidents. That’s what Certifyme.net is all about. Proper instruction goes a long way in preventing mishaps in the following videos. Here are four YouTube videos that show what NOT to do on a forklift:

  • Overloading forklift weight limit. This video shows a forklift operator lifting 2,200
    4 Stupid Forklift Accidents: Laugh & Learn

    4 Stupid Forklift Accidents: Laugh & Learn

    pounds of oxygen tanks. Clearly, the lift is only designed to carry 2,000 pounds max. This guy is lucky the tanks didn’t puncture! Never lift more than a lift is designed to carry.

  • Driving an uneven forklift. This guy could’ve been seriously hurt. Lesson: Don’t attempt to drive a forklift without a proper ramp in place. And also, make sure you’re properly restrained. It looks like the driver might have a concussion, or at the very least a few scrapes and bruises.
  • Stopping too suddenly. In this video, a driver slams on the brakes too hard, and his cargo slides off the forks onto the floor. Had someone been standing nearby, there would have been a serious accident. But look at the driver’s reaction at about 21 seconds in – that pretty much says it all!
  • Not paying attention. Running into a support beam is not only bad for the forklift – it’s also bad for the building! This driver was clearly distracted, as he hit the beam TWICE! Imagine if that was a person instead of a metal column! This is a classic case of not paying attention.

Search the internet long enough, and all these forklift accidents prove one thing – accidents are not only funny, they’re also serious. The more serious accidents don’t end up on YouTube – they end up in the local newspaper’s obituary section. Stay safe with Certifyme.net. Our service is used by companies all across the United States, and you’ve probably heard of a few:  Penske, U-Haul, Siemens and Harley-Davidson are just some that have benefitted from our training. We help firms stay OSHA compliant, and we’re also affordable.

We’d love to help you out. Contact us and get a quote, schedule a class (on your terms), or ask a question. Our contact page has a secure message portal, and we can also be reached at (888) 699-4800.

Thanks for reading our blog, and feel free to check out our other articles.


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