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A Guide to Forklift Benefits and Applications

Posted by: admin on October 3, 2022

Walk into any warehouse or construction site in America and you’re likely to find a forklift. They’re among the most common pieces of heavy machinery used in such settings. If you’re in charge of such spaces, it’s important to understand the many forklift benefits and applications. Understanding these can help you make informed decisions about purchasing, maintaining and using these valuable tools. 

Forklift Benefits

Whether you’re brand new to using forklifts of have worked as a lift operator for years, it’s important to understand the many forklift benefits associated with this technology. Forklifts are often underrated in their versatility – they’re truly the unsung heroes of modern warehouses and construction sites. Here are just a few of the many benefits associated with forklift use:

Move Materials With Ease

When you need to move heavy, bulky loads, forklifts are the only tool for the job. Even when products are lightweight, bulk shipments can be incredibly heavy. When time is money, unloading by hand just isn’t an option. Instead, employees use forklifts to move pallets and entire shipping containers worth of goods to move around the warehouse with ease.

Maneuver Around Corners Fast

Transporting bulk loads across the warehouse is one thing. Doing so with speed and maneuverability is another thing entirely. One of the main benefits of forklifts is their ability to work within a wide range of settings. If your warehouse features narrow aisles and sharp corners, your forklift can still get the job done. Of course, these challenges can be difficult for new and inexperienced workers, which is why forklift operator certifications are so important.

Enhanced Safety

Before the invention of forklifts, workers relied on complex systems of ropes and pulleys to move heavy loads around. These improvised lifting systems weren’t very safe. Workers were in constant danger of dropping heavy goods and snapping ropes. Injuries were common, and the work was often backbreaking. Nowadays, forklift application is widespread. This means fewer injured workers and increased rates of productivity.

Forklift Applications

There are as many different forklift applications as there are varieties of forklifts themselves. This versatility is perhaps the most important of the forklift benefits. No matter the task you have in mind, odds are good that there is an ideal forklift for the job. Here are a few of the most common uses:

Try an Electric Forklift Inside a Warehouse

Electric forklifts are growing in popularity, and for good reason: they’re quiet, fume-free, and can be recharged and used time and time again. They’re the ideal lift to use inside a warehouse, as workers won’t be exposed to exhaust fumes throughout the work day. So long as employees remember to charge their lifts after using them, electric lifts are an excellent addition to any warehouse setting.

Use a Diesel Forklift On Rough Terrain

Why use a forklift, you might ask? A trip to the average construction site will answer that question fast. When transporting materials over rough terrain, diesel forklifts are essential. They’re built for endurance and can handle a wide range of unit loads with ease. Since they run on fuel, these lifts are easy to gas up and use for long hours. 

Count on a Pallet Jack to Get the Job Done

Pallet jacks are perhaps the most common type of forklift. They’re frequently used in warehouse settings to move pallets around. They’re essential for transporting loads over short distances. While not the most versatile type of lift, pallet jacks are reliable and good at what they’re designed to do. For loads under 5,000 pounds, you’ll want to have a pallet jack on hand.

Order Pickers Make Warehouse Work a Breeze

One of the benefits of using forklifts is reducing strain on employees. Before order pickers were common, workers would rely on ladders to slowly but surely select items from warehouse shelves. Now, employees rely on order pickers to quickly grab inventory from shelves low and high – without ever leaving their seat. This helps limit the risk of injuries while ensuring the highest rates of productivity possible.

Navigate Tight Spaces with a Narrow Aisle Forklift

The forklift benefits associated with narrow aisle lifts are clear: workers use reach trucks to move pallets around even the tightest of spaces. As warehouses become larger and more tightly packed, this technology becomes even more vital to productivity rates.

Leverage Heavy Duty Forklifts On Construction Sites

Construction professionals know the value of heavy duty forklifts all too well. These behemoth machines can move, lift, and load cargo far heavier than standard forklifts. Some are designed to carry upwards of 125,000 pounds!

Earn Your Forklift License Online Today

Forklift benefits and applications are numerous. No matter how you hope to take advantage of this technology, it’s important to be properly certified first. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration has strict requirements for those hoping to work as lift operators. Thorough training and formal certification are necessary – fail to get licensed and OSHA may fine your organization thousands of dollars. 

Thankfully, makes it easy to earn your forklift certification. Convenient online resources make it simple to master techniques and industry best practices. If you’re eager to get yourself or your employees licensed, reach out to our team today. Contact us online or call us with questions at 1-888-699-4800.

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