How to Avoid Big OSHA Fines & Penalties

Posted by: admin on March 5, 2014

Last week, the Wall Street Journal posted a press release that explained different ways to avoid fines from the Occupational Safety & Health Administration. As many forklift supervisors and drivers know, OSHA can make unexpected visits to any workplace in the United States to inspect working conditions, safety hazards and more. And if they find anything wrong, the fines can be heavy

In order to be compliant with the latest OSHA guidelines, a list was presented with various “safety systems” – methods and techniques to ensure that, if OSHA stops by your warehouse (or dockyard, loading area and other workplace that uses forklifts), you can pass the test and, more importantly, prevent costly citations.

How to Avoid Big OSHA Fines & Penalties

How to Avoid Big OSHA Fines & Penalties


Some of these ways include:

  • Offer fall protection – companies should ensure employees are tethered with belts, harnesses and lanyards. Plus, having regular equipment inspections (including aerial lifts) will pass even the most detailed OSHA inspectors.
  • Ensure HazCom compliance – with many dangerous chemicals in the workplace, exposure is a common cause of worker injuries and fatalities. If a company cannot provide proper training for HazCom matters, an effective solution is hiring an outside expert for training and support.
  • Check machine guarding practices – if a forklift (or other industrial machinery) isn’t properly locked or tagged out, serious injuries can occur. Improper lock out or tagging out is a common cause of lost work time. OSHA says that a proper tag out process prevents 120 fatalities and 50,000 injuries annually.
  • Wear proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – this includes gloves, goggles, hardhats and brightly colored shirts. This issue is covered with’s forklift training courses. can make your workplace achieve A+ grades for an OSHA inspection, as far as proper forklift operation and maintenance is concerned. If your workers need to get initial certification or re-certify, we have convenient online tests for your entire workforce. Because OSHA fines can exceed $50,000 for the most serious violations, this is critical.


For more information about OSHA inspections and to make sure you’re ready for those surprise visits, you can reach at (888) 699-4800, or visit our contact page. Thanks for reading our blog! We’re here to help you become OSHA compliant quickly and affordably.


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