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Next Generation Forklifts: New Models to Keep an Eye On

Posted by: admin on October 17, 2018


New Models of Forklifts to Keep an Eye On

Take a look at the forklift you’re driving now. There’s a good chance that many of the features you now take for granted weren’t available 10-20 years ago. Some of the most innovative forklift design changes in the past few years include:

  • Enhanced safety features – including cabin protection equipment
  • Better alarms
  • LED lights
  • Superior speed controls
  • Fork tilt capability

Have you ever wondered what the forklifts of tomorrow will look and perform like? We recently did some research into some cool new models, and there are plenty of great new models that were recently released. Even more are just around the corner. Just as the automobile market constantly innovates and advances with technology and user-friendly features, forklifts are no different.

While forklift models and features change, here’s something that’s remained constant for a while: the U.S. Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) requires every forklift operator to have proper training and credentials to operate powered industrial trucks in the United States.

It doesn’t matter what type of forklift you or your company use. From classic models to tomorrow’s sleek new lifts, training is mandatory. has the complete, OSHA compliant training programs your company needs to stay compliant. Our affordable and accessible training courses are ideal whether your company just purchased a brand new fleet, or you’re using older lifts.

But let’s get back to…the future for a minute, and look at some of the new forklifts commanding attention from drivers, safety experts, and others related to the powered industrial truck industry.


Tomorrow’s Forklifts, Today: A Brief Overview of Notable New Models

Here are some of the forklifts we’re keeping an eye on – and you should, too!

  • Wiggins Yard eBull. This advanced lift boasts up to 70,000 lb. capacity, a roomy cabin, and fast-charging lithium-ion battery. The Wiggins Yard eBull perfectly straddles the line between high performance, efficiency, and environmentally features.
  • Raymond Model 5300 Order Picke Don’t let this sleek new lift fool you with the “light duty” descriptions. The Model 5300 order picker has a high-efficiency 24 v battery, optimal lift and lower speeds, and plenty of great new safety features. Ideal for high demand warehouses and distribution centers, this Raymond lift is already getting positive reviews from forklift experts – including drivers!
  • Carer R 45-50-60-70 H Electric Forklift. Some electric forklifts have a reputation for not being able to keep up at terminals, shipyards, and other busy workplaces. Not so with the Carer R 45-50-60-70 H. This dependable lift offers all the benefits of a traditional lift with the energy efficiency of tomorrow’s most advanced lifts.
  • OTTO OMEGA Self-Driving Forklift. Is the robot revolution upon us? Not quite yet, even with the new OTTO OMEGA self-driving model. This lift still requires maintenance, performance tracking, and observation, which means that humans are still required for forklift operation – even when those lifts practically drive on their own!


Contact for OSHA Compliant Training Today!

It’s hard to predict the future with the forklift industry, especially with the different types of models coming out all the time. How will future designs impact safety, comfort, and operational efficiency? That’s a great question that’s next to impossible to answer!

Here’s an easy prediction when it comes to forklifts: if your company doesn’t have trained lift operators, accidents and injuries will happen. And with costly and time-consuming OSHA audits, your firm could experience fines and penalties that can cripple your bottom line for years to come.

Allowing untrained forklift operators to run powered industrial trucks isn’t just unsafe. It’s also against the law! If you need to get your employees OSHA certified, look no further than Plus, is ideal for individual forklift operators as well. Companies only want the best-trained operators, due to the high costs associated with non-compliance.

Our courses are priced for optimal value, and all of your employees will enjoy the flexible, ultra-convenient training that only offers! Get started today with your company’s forklift safety program. You can’t afford non-compliance, not to mention the accidents and injuries that come from untrained employees. For any questions about our OSHA compliant forklift training courses, call us today at 1-888-699-4800. Thanks for stopping by the blog, and check back for more articles and information on forklift models, safety, driving tips & tricks, and more!

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