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Stand-Up Forklift Certification and Online Training

a stand up forklift in a warehouse with a load on is a go-to option for any company with gaps in their certification for stand-up reach forklift operators. We’ve helped hundreds of companies in the United States get on track with their online stand-up forklift certification, ensure total OSHA compliance, and create safer workplaces.

If you want your safety program to stand out with your stand-up forklift certification (and you should), keep reading to learn about the benefits of stand-up forklift operator training, costs, OSHA stand-up forklift training online, and much more.

Benefits of Stand-Up Forklift Certification

Plenty of advantages come with getting your workers trained for stand-up forklifts. Remember, these benefits apply to all other powered industrial trucks, including pallet jacks, narrow aisle lifts, heavy-duty construction forklifts, and more.

  • Enhanced workplace safety. Accidents and injuries associated with powered industrial trucks always rank among the top 10 OSHA safety violations annually – and that’s with OSHA’s safety guidelines in place! Fully trained workers can better recognize and avoid hazards that lead to accidents.
  • Boosted productivity. A well-trained, confident forklift fleet makes for a more productive workplace. Getting OSHA stand-up forklift training is a win-win for your employees and your company’s bottom line!
  • Meeting OSHA’s safety regulations and standards. It’s critical that your OSHA stand-up forklift training is current with the agency’s latest standards. If not, there’s a good chance your company could be liable for expensive fines and penalties. Speaking of which…
  • Limited liability for OSHA audits. When your company has a forklift accident, there’s a good chance that OSHA will investigate – especially if there’s a serious injury. With stand-up forklift certification in your employee HR files, your responsibility for any accident is limited since you can show proof of training. On the flip side, if your forklift operator isn’t trained at all, or their training has lapsed, you could be on the hook for fines exceeding $100,000.

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How to Obtain Stand-Up Forklift Certification Online

With a licensed provider like, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with total compliance, along with a well-earned reputation as a leader in stand-up forklift certification.

And the process is super-simple to get your certification:

  1. Sign Up – Register your company & employees.
  2. Select your stand-up forklift training – Our courses have everything you need to get compliant – and stay compliant!
  3. Forklift operators complete online training – instruction includes lessons, tests, and videos to enhance learning.
  4. Hands-On Evaluation – To ensure your certification for stand-up reach forklift operators worked, it’s time for your employees to get behind the wheel and prove they can safely operate your forklifts. We offer aTrain the Trainer package to give the testing and evaluation tasks to your employee(s)!
  5. Print forklift licenses – Once your workers have passed all the required testing and evaluation, you can print out the OSHA-approved credentials – no need to wait around for them to be mailed out.

Stand-Up Forklift Certification Cost

So, how much should your company expect to pay for stand-up forklift training? The differences between an online option and in-person training can be significant.

Let’s say you want to do off-site training. Along with the travel and time off work costs, these courses can be expensive – many times more costly than!

With, you’ll save time and money (not to mention the hassle of scheduling off-site classes). Our regular OSHA stand-up forklift training starts at just $59.95 per course. These classes cover all the OSHA-defined classes of forklifts, from Class I to Class VII (except Class VI, tow tractors).

Get all the advantages of a fully compliant workforce and outstanding customer support – sign up with today!

Finding Stand-Up Forklift Certification Near Me

There are several options for getting OSHA stand-up forklift certification. Many vocational schools, community colleges, and private training centers offer in-person courses. These classes usually involve hands-on practice with actual forklifts and classroom instruction.

Some employers provide on-site training, often using experienced operators as instructors. Another popular and convenient option is online courses like those offered by CertifyMe. Online courses can be completed from the comfort of one’s home or workplace. These courses are perfect for busy individuals. They provide flexibility in scheduling and self-paced learning.

Choosing an online certification course has many benefits. You can pick the best time for the training so that it won’t interfere with your job or other plans. You can learn at your speed, ensuring you understand everything well before moving on. Plus, you can access the course from anywhere via the Internet, so you don’t need to travel.

If you search for “stand-up forklift certification near me,” you can find training centers in your area. But you can still go for online certification courses without a local center.

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Best Stand-Up Forklift Certification Online

Now that you know more about our online stand-up forklift certification, it’s time to hear what our customers say!

Check out just one satisfied customer’s testimony here. Sarah signed up with to get her initial and renewal training for her forklift driver. She was also impressed with our customer service platform, the ease of navigation within the stand-up forklift training program, and the low certification costs.

And she’s just one of many happy customers. Our client list includes Harley-Davidson, Siemens, Dow, Verizon, and many others!

Requirements for Forklift Certification

Stand-up forklift certification has specific requirements to ensure proper training. Operators attend a comprehensive program covering equipment operation, safety, and workplace rules. They must pass written tests and hands-on evaluations to show their understanding. Physical fitness and good vision are also crucial for safe operation. The process aims to equip operators with secure and efficient forklift handling skills.

OSHA’s rules for forklift training and certification are vital for workplace safety. Employers must provide formal training covering different forklift types, characteristics, and hazards. Operators need hands-on training to show they can operate forklifts without danger. Plus, it helps ensure your employees are in good physical shape (including vision) to operate your forklifts. Employers must keep training records to follow OSHA’s regulations.

If you want forklift certification for stand-up reach forklifts, follow OSHA’s training rules. Training should cover the skills for safe operation. Online courses like CertifyMe meet OSHA standards.

Role of an OSHA Forklift Operator and Trainer

Forklift operators must safely operate powered industrial trucks to protect themselves and nearby pedestrians & other workers. A good working knowledge of the latest OSHA safety rules is also important. Plus, operators must have continuous training since forklift licenses expire after three years.

Trainers, meanwhile, must be able to assess a forklift operator’s overall skill set and safety awareness when conducting on-site evaluations. They must also relay important OSHA safety updates to all forklift drivers. Since our certification for stand-up reach forklift operators automatically updates when OSHA guidelines change, is a popular, practical choice for small, medium, and large companies.

Stand-Up Forklift Certification FAQs

Is stand-up forklift certification online OSHA compliant?

Absolutely! As long as your workers are properly trained and certified, it doesn’t matter if you do your training in-house or with a 3rd party provider for stand-up forklift training.

What is a safe speed to operate a forklift?

Not all forklifts have the same max speed limitations, so always consult the manufacturer’s operating instructions. Generally, a forklift should travel at a speed that doesn’t jeopardize the load, driver, or pedestrians.

How do my workers pass their OSHA stand-up forklift training test?

Workers must complete tests, quizzes, and online coursework to become OSHA-compliant. Then, a hands-on evaluation verifies they can run a forklift to current OSHA standards. gives you all the tools and resources to complete stand-up forklift operator training.

Does offer other courses besides stand-up forklift certification?

You bet! We have courses for order pickers, rough terrain lifts, and even specialized training for fall protection, HAZMAT applications, and more! Visit our registration page and choose your courses today!

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If you need to get your employees’ stand-up forklift operator training, is here to help. We offer initial and renewal training so you can always maintain compliance, no matter how many forklift drivers you have.

Contact us today to get started and enjoy all the benefits of having your forklift drivers fully trained and certified. Thanks for considering for all your training requirements!

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*If you are an individual not currently employed by a company use your personal name in
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