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online dot hazmat training has been known for years as the industry’s leading provider of lift operator training and certification. What many people don’t know is that CertifyMe also provides the same fast, convenient and affordable HAZMAT training that’s required for working with hazardous materials. Take care of your DOT HAZMAT training requirements with today!

Why Your Employees Need DOT HAZMAT Certification

The Department of Transportation (DOT) defines hazardous materials (HAZMAT) as substances or materials that could harm or endanger hazmat employees or the general public. DOT defines a hazmat employee as any person or entity involved with the handling or transportation of hazardous materials, including businesses and self-employed people.

Why is DOT HAZMAT Training Important?

DOT HAZMAT training and online HAZMAT certification are important, and it’s also required. It’s the employer’s responsibility to see that all hazmat employees are properly trained. This required training includes DOT HAZMAT general awareness, safety, and security classes. Failure to comply can result in substantial penalties, including hefty fines. In extreme cases, criminal fines of up to $500,000, five years in prison or both can be imposed. All required DOT HAZMAT training is available online through, whose interactive training courses are 100% OSHA approved.

DOT Hazmat Training Requirements

If your company needs DOT HAZMAT certification or you’re not sure about your current training matrix, contact We’ll ensure your DOT HAZMAT training requirements and other associated DOT HAZMAT training is up to date. You can’t afford the cost of non-compliance!

If your employees have asked, “How do I find HAZMAT training near me,” the answer is simple: We’re everywhere you need to be – the nearest internet connection!

Our Online DOT HAZMAT Certification Courses:

✓ DOT HAZMAT General Awareness Training 

It is intended for all employees who handle and transport hazardous materials. It’s designed to make employees aware of situations under which they might encounter chemicals and other dangerous materials, along with the risks related to working with them. As with our other interactive courses, DOT HAZMAT General Awareness Training combines audio, video, text and graphics for a truly immersive learning experience. We make your DOT HAZMAT training requirements easier than ever. The General Awareness Training can be taken by itself or in combination with our DOT HAZMAT Safety Training course.

✓ DOT HAZMAT Safety Training

Covers how to safely handle hazardous material and comply with the regulations that control these activities. DOT HAZMAT Safety Training covers how to respond to emergencies and protect employees from exposure to hazardous materials. The online HAZMAT certification course also includes procedures for avoiding accidents both in the workplace and while being transported. Just like our other courses, online interactive training is divided into a series of logical sections, which makes it easy to understand and retain the information. Get this DOT HAZMAT online certification today!

✓ DOT HAZMAT Security Awareness Instruction 

Focuses on making employees who work with hazardous materials aware of the security risks associated with transporting them, including ways to increase security while they are being transported. CM’s Security Awareness Training also includes a section on how to recognize and react to potential security threats.

✓ DOT HAZMAT In-Depth Security Training

Goes beyond basic Security Awareness. Like our other courses, It includes establishing security objectives, organizing the internal security structure and implementing security procedures.  The course also covers how to assign security-related duties and responsibilities to individual employees, as well as the actions employees are to take if a breach in security should occur.

HAZMAT Training – FAQs

What is HAZMAT training?

Hazardous materials (HAZMAT) training covers all critical safety aspects related to the safe handling of dangerous substances to protect their company, the environment, co-workers, and others from harm. OSHA requires HAZMAT training for all employees involved in the handling of hazardous substances. offers OSHA compliant online HAZMAT certification at a great price. If your company needs online HAZMAT training, or you’re always asking, “Where can I find HAZMAT training near me,” is here to help today. Sign up for our online HAZMAT certification today!

What Will You Learn With Our Online HAZMAT Training?

With’s online HAZMAT training, your employees will learn how to:

Prepare HAZMAT for transportation

✓ Store HAZMAT

✓ Properly handle HAZMAT (load, unload, etc.)

✓ Follow updated OSHA guidelines related to HAZMAT

✓ Operate vehicles related to HAZMAT handling

✓ Label, mark and organize HAZMAT

✓ Get proper DOT / security requirements for HAZMAT work

✓ Handle emergency situations with HAZMAT

✓ And much more

How long is HAZMAT training?

Training only takes a few hours with!

How often is HAZMAT training required?

HAZMAT certification expires after three years. At this time, you’ll need to have your employees retrained – not a problem with, thanks to our online HAZMAT certification renewals!

Sign Up for OSHA-Compliant DOT HAZMAT Certification & Training

All new HAZMAT employees or those who change job functions are required to complete DOT HAZMAT training within 90 days. These employees can, however, work with hazardous materials before they’ve completed the courses, provided they’re under the direct supervision of a properly trained and qualified HAZMAT employee. All hazmat employees are required to receive DOT HAZMAT recertification every three years.

The fastest, easiest and most affordable way for you or your employees to receive OSHA approved DOT HAZMAT certification training and recertification is through’s Online HAZMAT Certification Courses. Call us today at 888-699-4800 or contact us online to get started on your way to becoming OSHA and DOT compliant and making the workplace safer for all concerned.


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*If you are an individual not currently employed by a company use your personal name in
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