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The Future is Bright with the Right Forklift Light

Posted by: admin on December 3, 2018

The Future is Bright with the Right Forklift Light

Can you guess the following forklift component?

– It is essential for safety and efficiency on the job

– It has seen many upgrades over the past few decades

– Yet, it is almost always taken for granted

We’re talking about forklift lighting, which is different than it used to be but just as important.

The days of forklift safety lights using regular bulb headlights are mostly gone. Today’s models come with high-tech LED lights both inside and outside the forklift cabin. Their “safety-first illumination” makes it easier for operators to perform their job. This, in turn, makes the job site safer for everyone.

Today’s trucks also have plenty of lighting options to help improve safety. These include the forklift blue light, forklift warning light and forklift safety lights. Which ones should your company consider?, the leader in online forklift training, knows all about the importance of forklift safety lights.

Forklift lighting is just one of the many safety aspects we cover in our forklift training courses. We review everything your workers need to know about safely using powered industrial trucks. Check out our course selection and pricing to get started today!

Forklift Lighting: Types, Requirements and OSHA Safety Recommendations

Forklift warning lights aren’t just a good idea; they’re an OSHA requirement. OSHA regulation 1910.178(h)(2) states that forklift headlights are required in dimly lit indoor areas. They are also mandated in outdoor areas at night, and everywhere else auxiliary lighting is required.

Headlights are the most common type of auxiliary forklift lighting. In warehouse settings, they help alert other forklift drivers and workers of approaching trucks. Most of the time, forklift drivers focus on what’s in front of the truck. So it’s important to keep the headlights well maintained at all times.

Forklifts also travel in reverse for many reasons. When this occurs, tail lights and backup lights are needed for safety. Similar to headlights, tail lights and backup lights require scheduled checks for safe operation. They should be replaced right away when defects are found.

Working conditions sometimes demand more light when moving and storing cargo. These days, many forklift drivers are using strobe lights when extra lighting is needed. Side-mounted warning lights offer another option. OSHA encourages the use of strobe lights and other advance warning light systems when needed. But this should be done only if the truck’s other lights are working as intended. Many forklifts now have strobe and other warning lights as standard features. These types of forklift lighting can also be obtained as add-ons.

Different Types of Forklift Warning Lights 

Aside from a forklift’s standard lights, you may require even more lighting for regular or specialized forklift duties. Always check with your supervisor or safety coordinator to assess your forklift fleet’s lighting needs. Getting the right forklift light can mean the difference between a safe job site and an accident or injury.

– “Red Zone” Side-Mounted Forklift Warning Light. To help keep floor workers safe in poorly lit or outside work areas, the “Red Zone” side-mounted lightis a great add-on. It’s ultra-bright IP68 LED lighting makes it easy for all workers to spot. With a service life of at least 30,000 hours, this is one of the best add-on lights for your forklift.

– Forklift Blue Light. Sometimes, standard headlights don’t provide enough forklift With the LEDforklift blue light, everyone in the area knows your forklift is moving. This light is great for outdoor areas with fog, regular nighttime duty, and dimly lit indoor areas. Grab one today, and improve your work area’s overall safety!

– Top-Mounted Warning Flashing Light. Another way to improve safety is adding anXprite 30 LED Amber/Yellow 15W Emergency Warning Flashing Light. This LED light is easy to install and provides bright illumination. It works well in a warehouse, distribution center, dockyard, or other forklift job sites.

– Green Forklift Warning Light. In a well-lit setting, green is easier to see than other colors. This makes the Green LED Warning Lighta good choice for indoor and outdoor work areas with good lighting.

Forklift Warning Light Do’s

– Use LED lights. LEDs easily capture the attention of other workers. They comply with OSHA regulations. They create a visible safety border between pedestrians and trucks. And they have a long service life.

– Install the lights correctly. For maximum safety, install a red spotlight in the front and a blue LED light in the back. Make sure both lights are wired so that only one light comes on when the forklift is moving. That way, other workers in the area can tell which way the truck is moving.

– Use the same lighting on all forklifts. This includes the color and configuration of your forklift safety lighting. Different colored lights on trucks can cause workers to make unsafe assumptions about what each forklift is doing.

Forklift Warning Light Don’ts

– Don’t rely solely on warning sounds. Audible warning signals can get lost in noisy warehouses. Also, some operators sometimes turn them off because they are annoying. Combine forklift lighting and sound to maximize safety.

– Don’t direct warning lights at pedestrian eye level. This can hinder a worker’s ability to see. It can also interfere with auto-darkening welding helmets. Instead, direct warning light beams toward the floor. They are still easy to see and don’t disrupt regular vision.

– Don’t assume your overhead lighting is enough. Even if your work site is well lit, forklift safety lights are needed. Bright colored and moving lights are vital for alerting workers not paying attention or distracted by their phones.

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