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How the World’s Largest Pumpkins are Transported

Posted by: admin on September 29, 2022

The arrival of the fall season means that annual competitions for largest pumpkins are in full swing. From California to Australia, Italy and beyond, farmers and agriculture enthusiasts are entering their beloved produce to be considered for the title of world’s biggest pumpkin. Given the size of the entries, it’s no surprise that these competitors regularly rely on forklifts to tote around their prize winners.

World’s Biggest Pumpkin Grown in Italy

Italy’s annual Lo Zuccone (The Pumpkin) competition brought out stiff competition in September 2021. The winner, Stefano Cutrupi, grew the biggest one; clocking in at 2,703 pounds, the gourd is said to be the world’s biggest pumpkin. He credits his success to crossbreeding, genetics, and other agronomic techniques. 

Italy’s annual Lo Zuccone (The Pumpkin) competition brought out stiff competition in September 2021. The winner, Stefano Cutrupi, grew the biggest one; clocking in at 2,703 pounds, the gourd is said to be the world’s biggest pumpkin.

Australia is also home to a competitive group of agriculture enthusiasts who are eager to show off their autumnal harvest. New South Wales farmer Dale Oliver broke records this year with his 1,911 pound pumpkin. While this might sound small in comparison to Italy’s winner, Australian farmers prefer to grow edible breeds, which tend to be smaller than gourds grown purely for size. That’s why experts say we’re unlikely to see the world’s biggest pumpkin come from the Southern Hemisphere anytime soon. 


biggest pumpkin in southern hemisphere

Largest pumpkin in the Southern Hemisphere. Photo Credit: TheGuardian

Pennsylvania Farmer Breaks U.S. Record for Biggest Pumpkin

In the United States, a new prize winning pumpkin has emerged from Pennsylvania. Erik Gunstrom of Harrison City spent approximately 30 hours weekly tending to his 2,405 pound pumpkin. He took home top honors at 2022’s Barnesville Pumpkin Festival in Ohio. The win comes on the heels of last year’s record-breaking 2,350 pound gourd grown by a Minnesotan horticultural teacher. 

These competitions require careful planning and transportation of the competing pumpkins. Given that a single crack in the pumpkin can disqualify it from the contest, growers worked hard to transport their entries safely. A pallet, tarps, and plenty of soil helped to keep the biggest pumpkins intact. Once on site, pumpkins are transported to their display areas using forklifts. 

2022 Largest Pumpkin in the United States Photo Credit: TribLive

How Forklifts Transport Award Winning Pumpkins

Forklifts are routinely used to transport precious cargo. For farmers who spend their entire year gearing up for contest winning pumpkin growth, cracks, tears, and other damage are simply not an option. With their hard work on the line, these passionate horticulturists rely on forklifts to move their gourds off of trucks and over to the display area. Many of these enthusiasts travel far and wide to show off their harvest. The last thing they want to do is jeopardize the integrity of their pumpkin.

Careful rigging is necessary to move the world’s largest pumpkins into place. A special harness is used to gently haul the gourds off of truckbeds and onto the forklift. The process involves multiple assistants watching and guiding the pumpkin to a scale for measurement. With careful planning and a lot of effort, pumpkins arrive safely to compete on a global scale. One wrong move can jeopardize the integrity of the competitors, which is why staff work so carefully to transport the pumpkins.

Forklift Certification And Training for All Occasions

While the biggest pumpkins attract the most attention, forklifts are the unsung heroes of such competitions. It’s important to keep the behind the scenes logistics of these events in mind. Talented and highly-trained forklift operators help ensure these competitions go off without a hitch. 

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