Reach Truck Training & Certification

In warehouses with confined space requirements, narrow aisle configurations make it hard for traditional forklifts to operator effectively. The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires that reach trucks be used in this special type of cargo handling situation.

What are reach trucks, and how does OSHA determine reach truck operator safety requirements? CertifyMe, the online leader in reach truck training, offers a course that covers reach truck operation, including:

  • Proper reach truck safety tips & tricks
  • How a reach truck differs from regular front loading forklifts
  • Reach truck training – safety concepts
  • Reach truck course content – everything you need to know to operate a reach truck safely & efficiently
  • And much more

What is a Reach Truck?

OSHA’s powered industrial truck e-tool covers the basics of a reach truck. A reach truck is required for narrow aisle cargo transport and material handling. Reach trucks are used for something called “high tiering,” which is basically storing and handling cargo in high tiers off the ground.

Reach trucks require pre-planning for proper load manipulation; for example, OSHA recommends that the heaviest load on a reach truck shouldn’t be lifted to the maximum height. Those tiers should be reserved for lighter loads.

Reach trucks are covered in part by OSHA standard 29 CFR 1910.178 Appendix A, which also offers guidance and standards for stability, safe forklift operation, and other crucial concepts. CertifyMe has a standard forklift training course and a Train the Trainer option, both of which include reach truck training.

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How to Operate a Reach Truck

 Operating a reach truck differs slightly than a regular counterbalance lift. The reach truck’s unique dimensions – it’s made for narrow aisle warehouses – means you have to be extra cautious in tight spaces.

First, know how much space you have to work with. Many reach operators make the mistake of thinking the equipment can fit anywhere. That’s simply not the case, and you’ll learn this and other safety pointers with reach truck certification from Next, make sure you understand your particular reach truck’s operating method. Not all reach trucks are driven the same way.

Once you’re familiar with your surroundings and how to run your lift, general forklift safety guidelines apply:

  1. Travel at safe speeds
  2. Pay attention to blind spots, corners, and other hazardous areas.
  3. Make sure you don’t overload your reach truck.
  4. Follow your company’s safety guidelines.
  5. Check to ensure your reach truck is properly maintained.

Benefits of Reach Truck Certification

At, you’ll get the reach truck training necessary to help you become the safest possible operator. Safety is important for regular lifts, and it’s also critical for reach trucks as well. With our reach truck course, we’ll teach you everything you need to know – and more!

Plus, you’ll have a better chance to land a well-paying reach truck job with our reach truck course. Put yourself in the driver’s seat with reach truck training at!

Get Reach Truck Training with CertifyMe

With free lifetime renewals and full customer support – not to mention OSHA expertise you need to keep current with ever-changing safety guidelines – CertifyMe provides extensive reach truck training for every worker in your company. If you need reach truck certification, contact today!

To learn more about our reach truck training program, please visit our contact page, or call CertifyMe directly at 888-699-4800. We look forward to helping you establish an OSHA-compliant safety program today. Don’t put off your reach truck training – OSHA fines and penalties for non-compliance are costly. Sign up with CertifyMe today!

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