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Forklift Classes

Forklift Driving Classes – Start a Forklift Training Class!

Forklift Classes

“Where can I get forklift certification near me?” is one of the most common questions we receive at CertifyMe.

And we have the answer…if you have a reliable internet connection and some spare time, forklift classes are in session! The forklift school at CertifyMe is all about giving your employees the OSHA safety training they need – and your company full OSHA compliance!

For a small investment of $59.95 and just two hours of your time, can provide you with the forklift driving classes you need to be compliant with OSHA, and increase workplace safety & productivity!, the leader in online OSHA compliant instruction, offers forklift classes for all of your employees. Our forklift school offers:

  • 100% OSHA compliance
  • Affordable prices
  • Lifetime support
  • Insider OSHA knowledge for your training program
  • Best customer service in the business
  • All forklift certification classes near me you’ll need
  • And much more!

CertifyMe gets your compliance on track in no time – register your company for any forklift operator class!

Forklift Classes for New Operators – Forklift Certification Classes Near Me

We specialize in initial forklift classes for brand new operators at Forklifts are made differently for various tasks and require their own separate training for operators to be as prepared as possible. Students of our program can choose the specific type of forklift classes that correspond with their duties at work. This allows employers to only pay for the classes their workers need, and to skip the classes they don’t need.

No matter which training you choose, each of our forklift school training classes are comprehensive and teach the following for all forklift operator classes:

  • How to operate the forklift properly
  • How to understand all of the controls
  • How to perform equipment inspections
  • How to recognize and avoid hazards
  • How to prevent injuries and fatalities

Each of our forklift driving classes are compliant with OSHA, but that doesn’t mean that they require hours of your time. In fact, our online forklift training classes may be completed in about the same time it takes to watch a movie.

Our forklift training classes are also available in both English and Spanish / Nuestros cursos de formación elevadoras están disponibles en Inglés y Español.

When you’re ready to recertify, three-year re-certifications are always free! Sign up for your forklift license class today!

Forklift Classes Near Me – The Types of Forklift Classes We Offer:

A common question we receive is, where can I get forklift classes near me? With a reliable internet connection and some extra time, your forklift license class is only a few clicks away with

Warehouse Forklifts, Classes 1, 4, and 5

Class 1: Electric Motor Rider Trucks—this training involves electric sit down rider forklifts, and electric stand up rider counterbalanced forklifts.

Class 4: Internal Combustion Engine Forklifts—Cushion Tires—this training covers gas or LPG sit down rider forklifts, and counterbalanced forklifts that are gas or LPG powered.

Class 5:  Internal Combustion Engine Forklifts—Pneumatic Tires—this training includes gas or LPG powered sit down rider forklifts and counterbalanced forklifts.

All forklift operator classes are available in English and Spanish

Cost: $59.95

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Pallet Jacks and Order Pickers, Classes 2 and 3

Class 2: Electric Motor Narrow Aisle Forklifts—this training covers high lift straddle, order pickers, reach type outriggers, side loaders, turret forklifts, swing mast and convertible turret/stock pickers, low lift pallets, and platform forklifts.

Class 3: Electric Motor Hand or Hand/Rider Forklifts—this training involves low lift platforms, low lift walkie pallets, reach type outriggers, high lift straddles, high lift counterbalanced lifts, and low lift walkie/ricer pallets.

All forklift operator classes are available in English and Spanish

Cost: $59.95

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Rough Terrain Forklifts, Class 7

Class 7 forklift operator class: Electric and Internal Combustion Engine Tractors—this training covers sit down rider lifts, rough terrain forklifts, straight mast forklifts, extended reach lifts, telescopic lifts, extended boom lifts, and straight mast rough terrain forklifts.

All forklift operator classes are available in English and Spanish

Cost: $59.95

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Once you have completed one of these forklift classes and have passed the online forklift school test, your temporary certificate and operator card will be automatically printed along with a checklist for the hands-on evaluation for your employer or supervisor. The hands-on practical assessment is the next and final part of your new operator forklift training. This last part of the training will be led by a trained supervisor, and once you’ve completed this step, you’ll officially be certified and ready to operate forklifts.

Forklift Certification Classes Near Me & Forklift Classes: Key Steps

Once you choose the forklift course you need, your employer will register your company and you’ll be given online access with your own account.

From any device with an internet connection, you will work through the training modules at your own pace. You will pass a test before you can move onto the in-person practical skills evaluation.

Forklift Certification Near Me: Renewals

It is required that operators renew their certification every three years to ensure they remain up-to-date on practices and safety protocols. When you complete your initial training with us, all of your three-year re-certifications are free. Forever!

Forklift Classes & Certification for Experienced Operators

Are you an experienced forklift operator? Do you have OSHA-compliant forklift certification? Do you want to make yourself even more valuable to your employer? Why not sign up for’s Qualified Trainer/Evaluator forklift training classes!

As a forklift trainer, you will be responsible for conducting the new operators’ practical assessment. Once they’ve finished their online training, you will lead them through a hands-on practical evaluation that teaches them how to actually drive the forklift.

Our “Train the Trainer” forklift classes provide training in OSHA safety compliance and in hazard recognition.

Who Is the Train the Trainer Class for?

This training is suitable for shop foremen, safety officers, warehouse managers, supervisors, branch managers and even company owners.

Cost:’s Qualified Trainer/Evaluator forklift class costs only $110 per trainer. The forklift training class is always accessible and may be completed during a long lunch break, before shift or at break time. The Train the Trainer forklift class is easy; anybody can do it! Learn more about how to get forklift certification.

All forklift operator classes are available in English and Spanish

The Benefits of Completing Forklift Classes

Forklifts are large, heavy pieces of equipment that cause many accidents every year that result in severe injuries and fatalities. It’s OSHA job – and your responsibility – to provide forklift classes to ensure safety for all employees.

Without proper training and forklift certification near me, powered industrial trucks can be dangerous. Forklift certification is the most successful way to be safe on the job and prevent accidents. Additionally, employers also want a safe workplace to avoid having to pay employee liabilities, for repairs to equipment and structural damage, and fines from OSHA.

Hiring Forklift Drivers – What You Need to Know

What should your forklift training include? Everything you’ll get with our forklift classes has you covered here, including:

  • Different types of forklifts used by your company
  • Basic maintenance techniques
  • Proper loading methods
  • Basic OSHA safety standards
  • And more

For employee screening, you must ensure the driver is current with their forklift classes & certifications. OSHA requires refresher training every three years – and thankfully, this is included with CertifyMe!

Plus, CertifyMe handles another important aspect of hiring forklift drivers – hands-on evaluation. It’s imperative that every operator demonstrates a thorough understanding of how to operate the equipment and comply with safety standards.

All paperwork is included for these evaluations, so you have them in case of an OSHA audit!

Forklift Certification Classes Near Me: Get Started with CertifyMe Today!

All forklift classes are online at and offer these exclusive benefits:

  • Skip the travel and traffic to an off-site facility. Train at home or at work!
  • Save hundreds of dollars and hours of your time by training online, with 24/7 access
  • Use any device with an internet connection to complete the online forklift training
  • Train at your own pace to retain the information
  • Enjoy total convenience and ease! Your #1 Source for Convenient, Fast, and Affordable Forklift Classes

You can clearly see how important forklift training is to your safety and the future of your career, but that doesn’t mean quality training needs to be inconvenient, expensive, and frustrating. With, you will complete an online program that delivers all of the content you need to operate a forklift safely and properly, recognize and avoid hazards, inspect the equipment, and learn efficient maneuvering techniques to be productive, all in about an hour! You will be saved the trip and expense of having to travel to an offsite facility and pay hundreds of dollars. Once you’re finished with our program of forklifting classes, you’ll be able to immediately print your certificate and complete the in-person practical assessment with a supervisor at your job.

Let’s review the many benefits you can enjoy when you choose for forklift training:

  • Learn everything you need to know to operate forklifts with our forklifts classes, including how to operate the controls, how to drive forward, backward and navigate corners and much more!
  • Be 100% OSHA-compliant
  • Receive your temporary certificate immediately upon completion
  • Receive nationally accredited training
  • Protect your employees on the job
  • Receive three-year renewal training for free, for life!

To protect your life, save your employer money, and be the most productive and efficient as possible, choose forklift classes from Contact us today to get started!


By taking’s forklift classes in training and evaluation, your company can perform the hands-on evaluation required for forklift licenses and compliance.

For more information on the forklift class offered by, contact us on 1-888-699-4800. You can also start any forklift operator class today – simply register your company and you’re on your way to affordable OSHA compliance!

Thanks for considering CertifyMe for your forklift classes!

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*If you are an individual not currently employed by a company use your personal name in
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