Forklift Recertification

Forklift Certification Renewal

CertifyMe features a convenient forklift recertification program for any business. Three years after a forklift operator’s initial certification, OSHA regulations require a forklift renewal card. This promotes safer work practices and also assists with your company’s overall safety and quality initiatives.

How can a forklift license renewal from CertifyMe benefit your company?

Convenience: Forklift certification renewal can be conducted at your facility. Plus, certificates can be printed the same day.
Safety: With a forklift license renewal from CertifyMe, your workers are better prepared to handle any on-the-job hazard.
Peace of mind: OSHA citations carry a heavy penalty. Having your drivers take forklift recertification keeps your company compliant.

Forklift RecertificationHow does Forklift Recertification Work?

CertifyMe has an exclusive 3 Year Renewal program for every client. If you’ve put your forklift operators through our initial certification, a forklift renewal is just a few mouse clicks away. When your forklift driver has reached the 3-year mark since the last certification, simply log in to our website and enjoy instant access to a new operator certificate and wallet card with new 3 year expiration date, along with the latest hands-on evaluation forms with today’s date.

When is a Forklift Certification Renewal Necessary?

Other than the standard 3-year period, there are other ways your forklift driver might require certification renewal. If an operator operated the forklift in an unsafe manner, is involved in an accident, or assigned a different type of truck, forklift recertification is necessary. Another less frequent instance that would require forklift renewal training is when a facility is modified in a manner that changes safety regulations. For example, your warehouse may have higher product bays installed. Renewing your forklift license ensures your operators are working in a safer environment.

Maintaining your forklift license renewal documentation is always a good ideal. You never know when OSHA could pop in for a surprise visit. With our forklift recertification program in place, your operators will always be current and up to date with the latest credentials.

What Are OSHA’s Penalties for Not Renewing?

OSHA regulation 29 CFR 1910.178(l) specifies new requirements for forklift operator certification. With potential fines anywhere from $7,000 to $70,000, obtaining a forklift certification renewal is more important than ever.

Why Was Forklift Recertification Training Created in the First Place?

As the owner of a construction company, warehouse, or equipment fleet, you already know the involvement of OSHA in your everyday workings. They set laws and regulations that you have to abide by if you want to keep your business. They require all forklift operators receive initial training, as well as follow-up recertifications every three years. But there are actually more reasons why it is important for you to take forklift recertification seriously and seek out a high-quality program. Here are some of the reasons why on-going testing was created and regulated in the first place:

  • Reduce the risk of injuries and fatalities from occurring every year
  • Stay up-to-date on safety and operating practices
  • Pay for fewer equipment repairs and replacements
  • Remain competitive in your industry
  • Increase and maintain the productivity of your workplace
  • Boost your revenue with more efficient workers and less accidents

If you have any additional questions about renewing a forklift license or scheduling forklift license renewal courses, contact us or just give us a call at 888-699-4800. We can also be reached through email at Our online form is also a great way to get in touch.

Remember, CertifyMe is the best place to conduct your forklift renewal program. We’ve been helping businesses with initial forklift training and certification for years. Give us a call today – and thanks for making CertifyMe the #1 web-based forklift training system since 1999.

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  • FREE 3 Year Renewals
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  • Print Your Proof of Training
  • OSHA Accepted Nationwide

*If you are an individual not currently employed by a company use your personal name in
the 'Company Name' field.