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How to Renew Your Forklift License Quickly and Easily

Does your company have a forklift safety program, and are you confident that it’s effective? receives plenty of questions from HR personnel and safety supervisors about forklift training regarding how to renew your forklift license, and we have the answers.

Why Is Recertification Important?

During an OSHA inspection, an operator with an expired forklift can cause your company to be penalized and fined. As the employer, it’s your responsibility to see that your forklift operators renew their expired forklift certifications on time. provides the best online forklift training available, and we can also help with all your other lift license renewal requirements! It’s part of our pledge to deliver the most comprehensive and affordable OSHA compliant forklift training and recertification program you’ll find anywhere.

Here are some of the benefits that come with our renewal and recertification training:

1. Convenience

Our forklift renewal certification is available online, so it can either be taken at your facility or anywhere that’s convenient and there’s an internet connection. As soon as the training is completed, renewal certificates can be immediately downloaded and printed. Our training is designed to work around your schedule, and not the other way around. It doesn’t get more convenient than when you choose to renew forklift licenses online with! If your workers waited until the last minute to get their recertification, they can still get the certificate in time to continue working without penalty. It only takes about an hour to complete training.

2. Safety

With forklift license renewal from, your workers are better prepared to properly handle workplace hazards. More than being a federal requirement, renewal training simply makes good sense from a safety standpoint for both forklift drivers and employers alike. Employees who are certified have learned to identify hazards and avoid them, which helps prevent accidents in the workplace. They also learn what to do if an unavoidable situation occurs to reduce injury and damage. If you’re not sure how to have your workers renew their forklift licenses, you’ve come to the right place to learn!

3. Cost

Concerned about the forklift renewal cost to recertify your drivers? Don’t be. With, there’s no need to worry since our in-depth forklift training courses include free three-year renewals. With other programs, you must pay for the cost of recertification along with other expenses, such as time-off for your employees and travel expense if they must attend the training elsewhere. These expenses can add up, plus you must adjust your company’s operating schedule to accommodate employees being gone for work training.

4. Peace of Mind

OSHA citations can carry heavy penalties. When you have your drivers take forklift recertification training through, you’ll rest easier and have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your workplace is safer and your company is OSHA-compliant. OSHA penalties carry a significant cost even without an accident being part of the equation. If an accident occurs and the forklift operator didn’t have their recertification, those penalties can increase significantly.

Check out this video on forklift license recertification and your role as the employer. Don’t get caught with employees who have an expired license. Protect your company and your workers by getting them recertified.

Why OSHA Requires Forklift Recertification Training

The primary purpose behind OSHA’s regulations is worker safety. As a business owner, you already know about OSHA’s involvement in your everyday operations. OSHA sets workplace safety laws and regulations you need to follow if you want to stay in business. This includes requiring all forklift operators to receive certification training, as well as follow-up recertifications a minimum of every three years.

OSHA is constantly changing and updating regulations, which is addressed in recertification. Getting your workers recertified ensures they are aware of updates. It also refreshes their memories about best practices in various situations they may encounter. If they haven’t faced a specific situation, they may forget the correct protocols for handling it.

New technology continues to change the design and function of forklifts. Recertification can introduce workers to the requirements associated with the newest equipment to ensure they are prepared for all kinds of situations. As an employer, you can be more confident in the ability of your workers as they stay up to date on forklift recertification.  

Here are more of the many benefits your company will derive from OSHA’s forklift certification requirements followed up by license renewal training every three years: 

Forklift Recertification

 Reduced number of workplace injuries and fatalities

✓ Staying up to date on the latest safety and operating practices and procedures

✓ Saving money by having fewer property and equipment repair and replacement bills

 Having a competitive edge in your industry by attracting the very best equipment operators

✓ Increased workplace productivity and revenues through more efficient workers and fewer accidents

There is a lot to like about forklift recertification training. But keep in mind that you need a quality forklift safety training provider.

By choosing for forklift safety training, you can ensure your lift operators comply with OSHA standards. Your workers can complete our online training program at their convenience. The program usually takes only about one hour to complete and updates workers about a variety of forklift safety topics. Plus, your workers will receive an up-to-date forklift license and certification card after they complete the program. The license and certification card verify your workers remain legally authorized to use forklifts at your worksites.

Forklift Recertification FAQs

You may have plenty of questions about forklift recertification, and has the answersSome of the issues we’re often asked: about forklift operator certification and renewal training are included below, along with our answers.

Q: Is there a standard process to follow for how to renew your forklift license?

The process to renew a forklift license is straightforward. Sign up for an OSHA-approved forklift safety training renewal program before a license’s expiration date. Complete the program, and you’re good to go.

Q: What happens if a forklift license lapses?

OSHA requires employees to have a valid forklift license if they use a lift as part of their everyday work. Workers found to be operating a forklift without a valid license are out of compliance with OSHA requirements. In these instances, they can put themselves and others in danger. Meanwhile, their employers could face OSHA penalties.

Q: How long does forklift certification last?

Three years after a forklift operator’s initial certification, OSHA regulations require forklift drivers to renew their operator cards. has affordable and convenient forklift recertification programs that are perfect for all business types and sizes. Renewal training may be required sooner than three years if a driver is seen operating a forklift in an unsafe manner, is in an accident involving a forklift or there are changes in the working environment or type of lift equipment.

Q: How long does forklift certification last after renewal training?

After your workers complete forklift operator recertification training, their operators’ licenses and certifications are valid for three years. OSHA established the renewal requirement to ensure that employers always have qualified and properly trained drivers on the job. Regardless of whether your workplace is a warehouse, construction site or anywhere else forklifts are used, your operators will need to be recertified after 36 months. Our free three-year renewal training is another reason to enroll your drivers in’s online program! And, for more information about renewing a forklift license, check out this blog post.

Q: How and where do my employees renew their forklift licenses?

Here’s how our forklift recertification program works and what’s involved in a forklift license renewal. offers exclusive three=year renewal programs for all of our client companies. If your forklift operators were originally trained and certified through our school, where to renew forklift licenses is just a few keyboard clicks away, and with are free for life. As your forklift drivers reach the three-year mark since their initial certification or last renewal, simply have them log in to our website, take the forklift renewal certification training, pass a hands on evaluation and they’ll have a renewed operator certificate and wallet card with a three-year expiration.

Q: Can workers enroll in recertification training before their current forklift license expires?

Licensed forklift operators can enroll in recertification training any time they choose. When licensed operators complete the training, they will receive an updated forklift license. This license will remain valid for three years from the date it is issued.

Q: Are there any instances in which a worker will need to complete forklift recertification training before their current license expires?

Other than the standard three year period, there are events that can require your forklift drivers to renew their operator certifications sooner than three years. These include a driver being seen operating a forklift in an unsafe manner or is involved in an accident while driving a forklift. Renewal training is also required whenever there’s a change in the type of equipment being used or when operations are relocated or a facility is modified in a manner that affects safety regulations.

Q: Can I renew my forklift license online?

Absolutely! Online forklift license renewal is a great option for workers with limited time at their disposal. It enables workers to complete the training program at their convenience. Also, online forklift license recertification ensures workers can access program materials via their smartphone, tablet, or desktop or laptop computer. As long as workers can access the internet, they can access program materials and finish their recertification training.

Q: What is the best option for forklift recertification training? is a leading provider of forklift recertification training. We offer an extensive training program that can teach your workers about different types of forklifts, common forklift accidents, and other forklift topics. Our program is designed for workers of all skill and experience levels. Furthermore, our program is backed by forklift safety experts who will do their part to ensure your employees can get the most value out of it.

Sign up with Today So Your Workers Can Renew Forklift Licenses Online!

Don’t let an operator with an expired forklift license put your company on the wrong side of OSHA inspectors – have them renew their lift licenses today! If you’re not sure how to have your forklift drivers renew their licenses, the time to get help is now! Don’t wait for OSHA inspections that can result in paying thousands of dollars in fines and penalties. makes it easy for your workers to renew their forklift licenses online. Just have them log into your company account, work through the training modules and print their updated operator cards and operator evaluation forms, which will show the date of the renewal training. It’s that easy, and with renewals are totally free for life.

The choice is easy. Sign up today with – we’ve been the country’s number one web-based forklift training provider since 1999, so enroll your workers in our online forklift license renewal class now! We’re with you every step of the way from initial certification to renewal training and beyond! Register your company with and let us take care of all your forklift license renewal needs.

If you have more questions about renewing forklift licenses or scheduling forklift license renewal courses, contact us online, which a great way to get in touch. You can also call us at (888) 699-4800 to talk to an expert about OSHA regulations and recertification.

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