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What are Fuel Cell Forklifts?

Posted by: admin on March 25, 2014

With minimal emissions and environmentally friendly performance, fuel cell forklifts are similar to electric-powered forklifts. And unlike traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) forklifts, fuel cell forklifts can operate much longer without refueling.

What are Fuel Cell Forklifts?

What are Fuel Cell Forklifts?

But what makes fuel cell forklifts so interesting?  And why do some analysts think they’re the “next big thing” in the forklift industry? There are many reasons, but let’s look at some news stories to see what’s actually happening with fuel cells and forklifts.

One reason is potential growth. While some industry experts think fuel cell technology is still a long way from being a reliable source of energy, others think the benefits are too great to ignore. That just one reason Wal-Mart recently ordered 1,700 fuel cell forklifts for six different North American distribution centers. A Wal-Mart spokesperson thinks his workers will spend less time refueling and more time actually working – and that’s always good for a company’s bottom line.

Fuel cell forklifts – such as the hydrogen lifts ordered by Wal-Mart – use a basic chemical reaction to turn hydrogen (and other gas) into electricity. The advantages of this type of energy is that is doesn’t use gas or oil. The technology is also gaining interest in Europe, where fuel cell forklifts are being tested to confirm that a single lift working just 16 hours can offset carbon (CO2) emissions equal to that of eight gasoline powered cars. Pretty impressive stuff!

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