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Forklift Jobs and How to Get One

how to get a forklift jobBeing qualified for forklift certified jobs has many advantages. The pay is good, it does not require loads of training and, wherever you want to work in the country or even the world, there are plenty of forklift jobs to go around. The main types of organization that have forklift certified jobs to offer include manufacturing, construction, airports, seaports and haulage depots.

Jobs for forklift operators vary little from state to state in terms of earning potential, but in order to qualify for the top paying forklift jobs, you need forklift training and certification. helps with compliance, training and lifetime support. Sign up today for our classes Whatever your forklift operator job description, we’ll get you 100% OSHA compliant. For employers, our training classes offer an affordable, easily accessible solution for training gaps and compliance issues.

How to Get Land Forklift Jobs

  • Sign-up for forklift training
  • Complete the forklift training course and receive your certification
  • Print out your forklift operator card
  • Browse for forklift operator jobs online and apply. Make sure to say you have your certification!

It’s easy to qualify for a forklift job in the US. Qualifications are simple and don’t include any secondary education. You must be at least 18 years of age, have either a high school diploma or the equivalent, and be certified as a forklift operator. Employers look for job applicants who have completed OSHA-compliant forklift training to provide their workplace with the best, most qualified operators. Not only is this training required by OSHA, but it also helps prevent accidents in the workplace which can lead to costly fines, medical costs, and damage.

Even if you don’t have experience, you can beat out the competition if you are already certified as a forklift operator. Some operators may have let their license lapse and need to get renewed before they can operate the equipment. Others may be starting out just like you, but they didn’t think about getting certified before they began job hunting.

Employers will appreciate that you took the initiative and got your certification. They know you are ready to get started and don’t have to wait to get certified and trained. This helps save them time, which makes your application look more appealing. is the number one online forklift school available for new and experienced operators. We teach everything you need to drive forklifts, from operating the controls to performing inspections to recognizing and avoiding hazards. With 100% OSHA compliance, you can qualify for all of the best forklift jobs in one afternoon for only $59.95 per module.

Why Should I Get a Forklift Job?

Now, you might be wondering, “Is forklift driving a good job?” And we’re here to tell you that yes it is. Many sectors of our society have come to rely on forklifts and other equipment to perform daily functions and tasks. In addition to enjoying a recession-proof career when you get a forklift job, you’ll also get these benefits:

  • No need a college degree to get a forklift job and enjoy a nice salary
  • Take your nationally-recognized forklift certification anywhere in the country
  • Never wonder, “Are there any forklift jobs near me?” because you know that there are!
  • Never get bored at work; enjoy a nearly unlimited amount of job opportunities and work environments
  • Use this versatile skill to keep your work fresh and exciting throughout your career
  • Work at one of your favorite companies without having to sit behind a desk all day!

Forklift Job Duties

Working as a forklift operator involves much more than just operating the forklift; it includes many other responsibilities that are important to keeping a warehouse running safely and efficiently. Forklift operators must be able to load and unload goods from vehicles such as trucks, airplanes, and ships. Moving and stacking goods for warehouse jobs is also a necessity for forklift operators, and it’s important to check that the loads are secure before the transport. Additionally, forklift operators are charged with stacking empty pallets in order to maximize efficiency and space within the warehouse. Finally, they may sometimes need to help with manual loading or unloading of goods when needed, as well as other tasks such as packing and organizing merchandise.

In a forklift job, you would expect to have some or all of the following forklift operator responsibilities:

  •  Load and unload goods from vehicles like trucks, airplanes and ships
  •  Move and stack goods for warehouse forklift jobs
  •  Check loads are secure
  •  Stack empty pallets
  •  Perform daily equipment checks
  •  Help load and unload goods by hand
  •  Perform other warehouse tasks such as packing

Some jobs for forklift operators involve driving a lift truck on public roads and highways. Other jobs forklift operators perform may involve operating complex aerial lift equipment, such as the new Elliot E160/215, a 5-axle rig with 215 feet of working height and 1,200 pounds of platform capacity. Alternatively, you could find yourself shifting heavy, delicate and expensive semiconductor-manufacturing equipment around a cold room with a 100-tonne powered industrial truck.

Both indoor and outdoor forklift driving jobs are possible, along with varied, ever-expanding forklift operator job descriptions.

The Types of Forklift Jobs Available for Those with Forklift Certification

Once you complete your training, you will be able to apply to the best forklift jobs. The different types of forklift jobs available include:

  • Forklift Operator
  • Forklift Mechanic
  • Warehouse Worker
  • Warehouse Manager
  • Construction Worker
  • Dock Worker
  • Prop and Movie Set Worker
  • Retail Employee
  • Brewery Employee
  • Museum Employee
  • And much more!

The options are almost endless when it comes to forklift jobs near me because forklifts are needed for so many different tasks on all kinds of environments!

Some of the top companies that offer the best forklift jobs throughout the country include Campbell Soup Supply Company, PepsiCo, Coca Cola, Dr Pepper Snapple Group, Grainger Inc., Ocean Spray Cranberries Inc., GNC, and many more.

Nestle is a large national company that’s constantly hiring forklift operators all over the country. Check their hiring page frequently to look for job openings near you. Other top forklift-hiring companies are Randstad USA and Spherion.

For more forklifts jobs, check out online job sites like Indeed, Monster, and the websites of companies and businesses to find both national and local forklift jobs near me.

Is Forklift Driving a Good Job?

In terms of job security and pay, forklift driving is a solid career, especially for anyone that isn’t interested in years of higher education beyond high school. You can make a good living on a forklift operator salary. Plus, with forklift operator job descriptions always changing, there’s a good amount of different roles and tasks to do.

Job variety, good pay, solid growth prospects…for the answer to the question, “Is forklift driving a good job?” the answer is a resounding YES!

Key Aspects of Forklift Training and How to Get Forklift Certified and Qualify for Forklift Jobs

OSHA requirements stipulate that training for forklift certified jobs should consist of formal classroom-style training in addition to instruction and evaluation on job-specific material. The classroom part of forklift job training may be conducted face-to-face or by video/DVD, online content or other form; it is up to the trainer to decide.

If you think forklift jobs might be for you and you’re wondering where to get forklift certifiedcontact us at We can help you get your forklift certification quickly and surprisingly cheaply. In as little as two hours, you can grab an edge over forklift certified job candidates who do not already have forklift training and certification to qualify for the best forklift jobs.

You will learn how to operate a forklift, how to operate the controls, how to perform daily equipment inspections, how to maneuver ramps, grades and blind spots, and how to recognize and avoid hazards. You will also receive the formal instruction you need to move onto the next part of forklift training, which involves the practice training and skills evaluation.

We offer these individual forklift classes so you can start training as quickly as possible for the specific types of forklift jobs you want:

Warehouse Forklifts, Classes 1, 4, 5

Obtaining OSHA certifications for Class 1, 4 and 5 Forklift Operators can be a critical asset in today’s industrial landscape. This course covers all the necessary information for three of these certification classes: Class 1 (Electric Motor Rider Trucks – Sit down rider – electric, Stand up rider counterbalanced – electric), Class 4 (Internal Combustion Engine Trucks – Cushion (Solid) Tires – Sit down rider fork, gas or LPG, Fork, counterbalanced), and Class 5 (Internal Combustion Engine Trucks – Pneumatic Tires – Sit down rider fork, gas or LPG, Fork, counterbalanced). Moreover, the course is available in English and Spanish for those who prefer to learn in their native tongue. Completing this certification course provides a pathway towards becoming an official OSHA-certified operator of any of these three classes of forklifts.

Pallet Jacks and Order Pickers, Classes 2, 3

This comprehensive course provides certifications for two different classes of forklift operators: Class 2 and Class 3. In Class 2, certifications include electric motor narrow aisle trucks high-lift straddle, order picker, reach type outrigger, side loaders, turret trucks, swingmast and convertible turret/stock pickers as well as low lift pallet and platform certification. As for Class 3, certifications include electric motor hand or hand/rider trucks – low lift platform, low lift walkie pallet, reach type outrigger, high lift straddle, high lift counterbalanced, and low lift walkie/rider pallet certification. The course is available in both English and Spanish to ensure that all operators receive the education needed to work safely with a forklift.

Rough Terrain Forklifts, Class 7

OSHA’s Class 7 Forklift certifications are necessary for anyone operating in a work environment that requires frequent and heavy-duty lifting. These certifications provide the tools and knowledge to maximize safety when using these vehicles, and they also meet the requirements of all local, state, and federal regulations. This course focuses on certifications involving Electric and Internal Combustion engine tractors, Sit Down Rider class 7 – Rough Terrain forklift trucks, Straight Mast forklifts, Extended Reach, Telescopic, Extended Boom, and Straight Mast Rough Terrain Forklift Certifications. All instruction is provided in English or Spanish with an informative tone so learners can easily understand the material. Receiving this certification will ensure a safer working environment for everyone around them.

Get Certified Today!

A career as a forklift operator can be very rewarding, both in terms of job satisfaction and potential earnings. If you are considering this field, the first step is to get certified. offers a convenient online certification program that only takes about an hour to complete. Once you have your certification, you can add it to your resume and start applying for jobs. With our program, you can also enjoy the convenience of completing the course from home on your time. So don’t wait any longer, contact today to start your forklift certification process!

With and our forklift certification program, you can enjoy the convenience of completing the course from home on your time. No need to travel to a class or take off from work or school. We also offer recertification in three years for free, so you can keep up to date on your forklift certification. Let us help you reach your goals for a bright future with our certification program. Sign up online or give us a call at 888-699-4800.

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