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Forklift Costume Ideas for Halloween

Posted by: admin on October 4, 2022

halloween costume

DIY Forklift Halloween. Photo Credit: Pinterest

When it comes to Halloween, career-inspired costumes are a perennial favorite. This year, skip the nurse, police officer, and firefighter outfits and go for a forklift Halloween costume instead. Paying tribute to these incredible machines is sure to win you top honors in any costume contest. Keep these ideas in mind as you design a memorable outfit.

Creating a Successful Forklift Costume

Not sure where to begin when putting together a forklift costume? These DIY ideas are sure to inspire:

1. The Humble Cardboard Box

Cardboard boxes are the epitome of a blank slate. They can be molded, folded, and painted to resemble practically anything you can imagine. For your forklift Halloween costume, look for a cardboard box that’s large enough to fit around your torso or waist. A refrigerator box works perfectly, but any oversized box will do. You’ll also want some extra cardboard on hand to create the tines of your forklift as well as the wheels. Use hot glue to attach the tines and wheels to the body of your forklift costume. 

Once you’ve got the cardboard pieces of your costume handy, grab some paint and get to work. Forklifts come in many shades and colors, but for maximum visual interest, we suggest going with a bright yellow for the body of the lift. If you really want to go above and beyond, attach a box to the tines of your forklift Halloween costume. Paint the tines black for maximum visual impact. It’ll look like you’re ready to move almost anything! 

2. Attaching the Costume 

After creating the perfect cardboard forklift Halloween costume, you’ll want to attach it to a pair of suspenders. This will allow you to easily slip the cardboard suit on and off as needed. As for the rest of the costume, you may want to wear typical warehouse worker clothes like work boots, a safety vest, or a jumpsuit. If you want to blend in with your forklift creation, though, yellow leggings or tights are a good option. 

3. Top Things Off With a Hard Hat

It’s impossible to wear a forklift Halloween costume without the necessary safety accessories. A hard hat is essential. You can don an actual hard hat or a costume version – both will convey the same commitment to forklift safety. Protective eyewear like goggles can also add to the overall look. 

It’s easy to turn this unique outfit into a couple’s costume, too. Dress your significant other up as a pallet ready to be scooped up, or as the construction worker who will operate the forklift. The possibilities are endless.

Other Forklift Costume Ideas to Try

If you’re not sure about dressing up in a forklift costume, you can try channeling a forklift operator instead. Operators tend to wear well-fitting clothes, as loose clothing can get caught in machinery. There are tons of funny forklift operator t-shirts available online, should you go the silly costume route. You could also visit the thrift store to look for t-shirts and jackets mad by forklift companies like Toyota, CAT, or Crown. Whatever you decide to wear, be sure to complete the look with a hard hat, high visibility jacket, and work boots. 

If you work with forklift regularly, you can get even more industry-specific with your DIY forklift costume. Dress up as your foreman or as your company’s safety manager. So long as they have a good sense of humor – and you don’t push the limits too much – they may even find your portrayal of them funny. Don’t go for an exact recreation of their everyday look. Instead, go as an exaggerated version of a foreman. Carry around an oversized clipboard and ask everyone if they’ve been properly trained to operate a forklift. You may just inspire some folks to seek out certification themselves!

Halloween Forklift Costumes for Kids

There’s nothing cuter than a parent and their child dressed up in matching Halloween costumes. If you’re eager to match your little one, consider assembling a forklift costume for them, too. Pinterest has no shortage of excellent inspiration. User Chelsea Montgomery Gonzalez dressed her son Ben as a forklift for Halloween. 

To get this look, gather a large cardboard box, four empty gift wrapping tubes, suspenders, and some paint. Use the tubes to serve as the four corners of the forklift. Attach them to the box, which can be connected to the suspenders worn by the child. Give everything a nice paint job and you’ll be ready for trick or treating. Don’t forget to add a smaller box to the forklift tines! A safety vest and a hard hat cap the entire look off – don’t be surprised if your little one wins all the costume contests this fall.

Forklift Safety Training and Certification

While OSHA regulations may not apply to those who don forklift Halloween costumes, actual warehouse workers must be in compliance before operating these powerful machines. After you’ve won the costume contest, consider educating yourself on forklift safety best practices. offers convenient, affordable certification opportunities for anyone eager to get behind the controls of a forklift. In under an hour, you can learn everything you need to know about the safe operation of these machines. Get started now by clicking here or dialing 1-888-699-4800.

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