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5 Forklift Attachments You Need to Know About

Posted by: admin on October 19, 2021

forklift attachmentsYour business can leverage forklift attachments. And these attachments can help your forklift operators maximize their productivity and efficiency. 

Yet not all forklift attachments are necessary. To determine if your forklift operators can benefit from these attachments, you need to evaluate your options carefully. Then, you can decide what forklift attachments are must-haves. 

What Are the Best Forklift Attachments?

Here are five attachments to consider for your forklifts. 

1. Side Shifters

Forklift side shifters work in conjunction with the machine’s forks. Side shifters let an operator move the forks to the left and right. They won’t require the operator to leave their seat to do so, either. 

Side shifters help reduce wear and tear on forklifts. In doing so, side shifters can help you reduce your forklift maintenance costs. Plus, they can help you keep your forklifts running at peak levels for as long as possible. 

2. Fork Positioners

Positioners let a forklift operator move the machine’s forks closer together or further apart. They also allow an operator to move the forks individually or together. 

Fork positioners are great attachments for businesses in agriculture, construction, food and beverage, and paper handling. Positioners enable an operator to handle myriad pallet sizes, without having to manually adjust the forks. And they can minimize the risk of damage to pallets and products. 

3. Rotators

Forklift rotators can be attached to a rotating apron. Rotators enable a forklift operator to move the machine’s forks up to 360°. They are often used for recycling, food production, and pharmaceutical applications. 

Rotators allow a forklift operator to safely and easily carry a bin or container and dump it into another container. They are frequently constructed from stainless steel to limit the risk of corrosion and ensure the attachments can be used long into the future

4. Paper Roll Clamps

Forklift paper roll clamps ensure an operator can handle paper rolls, regardless of diameter, weight, or type of paper. The clamps can be used on the sides of a roll of paper. Meanwhile, they secure the paper and won’t damage or crush it. 

Paper roll clamps can be utilized when a load cannot be transported via pallet. They are typically used in paper handling but can be customized to a variety of applications. 

5. Forklift Extensions

Extensions, aka extenders, can increase a forklift’s stability and lifting capacity. They help forklift operators handle loads of all shapes and sizes. They can lower the risk of load damage as well. 

Companies can purchase extenders for rough terrain forklifts and other types of lifts. Furthermore, businesses must use forklift extensions in accordance with OSHA safety requirements. 

Choose the Right Forklift Attachments

To select the right attachments for forklifts, consider the different options that are available. There are several attachment categories, including:

  • Forklift lifting attachment 
  • Forklift rotator attachment 
  • Forklift clamp attachment

Businesses should consider forklift lifting attachment options if they want to provide their operators with extra help handling heavy loads. Comparatively, rotator attachments can be beneficial for operators who want to be able to move the forks up to 360°. And clamp attachments can help operators keep loads in place and become more productive and efficient than ever before. 

Teach Your Workers About Forklift Attachments

Your business and its forklift operators can benefit from various attachments. To realize the full value of these attachments, your forklift operators must use them correctly. offers in-depth forklift safety certification training. We can teach your workers about attachments for forklifts, how they work, and how to safely utilize them. And we can educate your workers about other forklift safety topics. Sign your workers up for our forklift safety certification training today!

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