Man Lift Certification

man lift certification

There are many different types of machines that fall under the umbrella category of forklift. They involve different sizes, reach capabilities, and are designed for different purposes. One of these devices is the man lift, which is used on a variety of worksites to increase the efficiency and productivity, while ensuring safer working processes when operated by employees with a man lift certification.

Man lifts are used every day in warehouses, construction sites, lumber yards and other industrial settings. And just like forklifts, pallet jacks and aerial lifts, your manlift operators require the proper training, which means OSHA man lift certification. If your workers lack basic man lift training, lost productivity is only the start; your employees are also more likely to be involved with accidents.

If your worksite is visited by OSHA and your man lift safety program isn’t up to speed, expensive fines and negative PR from costly legal action are just a few possible outcomes. Make sure your workers are given the best opportunity to succeed – and be safe – with OSHA-compliant man lift certification from

Get Started - man liftWhat is a Man Lift?

According to OSHA, a man lift is a revolving device consisting of a power-driven endless belt that moves in one direction. It has steps and landing pads at the entrance and exit of the belt with handholds for workers to keep themselves balanced. Man lifts are designed to carry workers from floor to floor in a safe and efficient manner, often in parking garages and construction sites. Only employees have access to man lifts, and they come with their own safety protocols for personnel to avoid accidents.

What Are Some Manlift Jobs Available?

Manlifts must be operated by those who are skilled and trained to use them and guide workers to use them safely. It is a manlift employee’s job to ensure that safety hazards aren’t present when a manlift is being used on a worksite and that injuries and fatalities aren’t likely to happen.

Some of the jobs available involving manlifts include:

  • Manlift maintenance manager
  • Operator technician
  • Warehouse operator
  • Environmental field technician
  • Plant operator
  • Construction worker/worksite manager

What Classification is a Man Lift?

Man lifts are classified under section 1910F on the OSHA website, in the subpart titled Powered Platforms, Manlifts, and Vehicle-Mounted Work Platforms. A man lift falls under this category because it is not an actual machine used to handle loads or pallets, like aerial lifts or forklifts. It is a belt-operating system that transports workers on a worksite. But just because a man lift doesn’t handle loads or cargo doesn’t mean OSHA is out of the picture. Our man lift certification course will show your workers the proper way to operate any man lift, and they can print their proof of training right away!

What Are the Dangers of Manlifts?

Because manlifts are constantly moving platforms, they can be dangerous if operators haven’t been trained to use them. The thought of stepping onto a moving platform can be scary for many workers, and that fear and hesitation can lead to accidents.

A few years ago, there was a young man who had just started his new career on a worksite. He was about to use the manlift for the first time, without having received any training. The young worker was already hesitant to use the manlift, and when he stepped onto it he got a part of his shoe stuck on a component of the manlift and slipped and fell multiple stories. He suffered serious injuries, but could have been killed by this accident.

Do I Need a Man Lift Certification?

Even though man lifts are not designed for loading, unloading, and carrying materials, they are used on a daily basis in many construction and maintenance sites and come with their own unique set of safety procedures and hazards. Deaths have occurred due to fatal falls from man lifts, and while the exact causes are not completely clear, reports from workers have described the pressure employees feel to rush and move quickly to please their bosses. In addition to comprehensive man lift certification, safety posters and printed reminders can help warn workers of the hazards involved with man lifts to prevent accidents.

Where Can I Get a Man Lift Certification?

Completing man lift certification is just as important as completing forklift or aerial lift training. offers an online program that teaches workers how to be safe on the job and rewards them with an OSHA-compliant man lift certification. In addition to learning what is a manlift, students also learn how to use a man lift safely, the hazards to look out for, and how to prevent injuries and fatalities. For only $59.95 and one hour of training, you can have the tools you need to be safe and productive on the job.

Our OSHA forklift training is one of the most popular online courses for companies all over the United States, and our man lift training offers the same convenience, affordable prices and flexibility. Don’t delay your manlift safety program one more day – sign up today with, the leader in OSHA compliant man lift certification programs

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