Are Electric Forklifts the Way of the Future?

Posted by: admin on October 6, 2014

electric forklift

Gas vs. Electric Forklifts
                                                               Source: Adaptalift Hyster

If you keep up with forklift news, you probably noticed tons of stories about electric forklifts. Unlike the traditional gas and propane powered lifts, the electric variety offers some benefits.

For one, they don’t emit harmful toxins. Environmentally-friendly products are very popular these days, and forklifts are no different. Another reason electric forklifts are on the rise has to do with refueling. Electric lifts are powered by rechargeable batteries – there are no fuel tanks, no propane cell swaps, nothing – just plug in and charge up for the next shift!

So, electric forklifts are certainly “cleaner,” as it relates to fuel, emissions and the environment.

The forklift industry is definitely trending toward the electric models. However, you have to keep in mind two critical things.

1)   Regular gas-powered forklifts won’t disappear tomorrow.

2)   Electric forklifts still lag behind conventional lifts in terms of power, handling and overall performance.

Those are just two reasons, but they’re big enough to keep the regular lifts in play for a few more decades. As regulations become more rigid in regards to fuel emissions, expect the electric forklifts to eventually take over regular forklifts.

Are electric forklifts the way of the future? It depends on what you mean by “future.” Tomorrow or next year? Five years down the road? Probably not. (Don’t scrap those old gas-powered lifts just yet.) But in a few more decades, there will be more electric forklifts in operation than regular lifts.

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