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US Forklift Certification – What You Need to Know

Does your company rely on forklift operators? Do you need to train your employees so they have their USA forklift licenses? Look no further than Our affordable, OSHA compliant training courses offer complete US forklift operator certification for a variety of roles and jobs. helps employers and employees with USA forklift training & certification. Once compliance is achieved, USA forklift licenses are valid throughout the entire United States. Thus, a state forklift certification equals a USA forklift license!

Regardless of where your company is located within the United States, you need to comply with OSHA forklift regulations, which means every one of your operators and drivers need US forklift operator certification. Compliance is easier than you think – register your company with, and we’ll ensure your workplace is a safer, more productive place for everybody!

Thanks to our complete forklift certification training, all of your employees can become OSHA compliant in no time at all. We provide everything you need to meet and exceed OSHA standards, and also get USA forklift licenses for all your operators. From accident avoidance to keeping up to date with changing OSHA rules, we have all your safety bases covered!

USs Forklift Certification Course Lineup

We offer three different forklift courses so you can make the most of your time and money. Each course is accessed on our online platform from any device with an internet connection and offers USA forklift certification upon completion.

Here are our US forklift operator certification courses:

Warehouse Forklifts, Classes, 1, 4, 5

Electric Motor Rider Trucks, Internal Combustion Engine Trucks-Cushion Tires, Internal Combustion Engine Trucks-Pneumatic Tires

All of these classes are for sit-down rider fork, gas or LPG, regular fork, and counterbalanced lifts. A great option for new employees and retraining veteran operators on newly acquired equipment!

Pallet Jacks and Order Pickers, Classes 2, 3

Includes High-lift straddle, Order picker, Reach type outrigger, Side loaders, turret trucks, low lift platform, Low lift walkie pallet, Reach type outrigger and more!

Rough Terrain Forklifts, Class 7

If you’re looking to get USA forklift licenses for your electric and Internal Combustion Engine Tractor operators, get trained with our Class 7 US forklift certification now!

Qualified Trainer/Evaluator Certification

A value-added US forklift operator certification course, this offering gives your company an in-house expert on safety issues, including the certification process of your forklift drivers!

Who Needs USA Forklift Training & Certification?

Every U.S. employee who operates a powered industrial truck – defined by OSHA as a warehouse forklift, rough terrain lift, narrow aisle man lift and every other type of forklift – needs USA forklift training & certification. Since employers are responsible for this training, employers need to provide US forklift operator certification. Employees need the training, and employers have to provide it in order to certify their forklift operators. 

We put together this regional and state forklift certification page to help you learn more about compliance in your particular community, along with other metro areas all over the USA. 

Knowing how to drive a car isn’t enough to know how to operate a forklift. They are completely different machines that require totally different skill sets and knowledge. Forklifts are operated indoors and out, and oftentimes in tight, narrow work environments. Workers need specific training to learn how to operate the machinery, avoid specific hazards, and prevent accidents that can cause injuries and fatalities.

Forklift training is the difference between workers knowing how to protect their lives and avoid dangers, and workers that become involved in unnecessary accidents.

Job Opportunities With USA Forklift Certification

There are so many job opportunities for trained forklift operators throughout the country with a USA forklift license. Here’s a few of them to get you inspired to begin or expand your career:

  • Forklift mechanic
  • Construction worker
  • Maintenance worker
  • Warehouse employee
  • Retail employee
  • Brewery employee
  • Special events worker
  • Dock worker
  • Museum employee
  • And much more!

Check Out US Forklift Certification in Your Area

Learn about the top cities for forklift drivers below! This list is always being added to. So if your city is not on the list today don’t worry, it will most likely be added in the future.

United States Forklift Training and Certification

Chicago Forklift Certification

The hustle and bustle of Chicago attracts a vast array of opportunities for those looking to secure a warehouse or manufacturing-type job.

More on Chicago Forklift Training

Los Angeles Forklift Certification

Los Angeles isn’t just for Hollywood stars and socialites – it’s a thriving community with plenty of job opportunities for folks who have their Los Angeles USA forklift certification. A Los Angeles forklift license is a USA forklift license – compliance in SoCal means compliance everywhere in the USA!

More on Los Angeles Forklift Training

San Diego Forklift Certification

Certify Me is proud to offer forklift certification in San Diego – a beautiful city right on the sparkling coast of the Pacific!

More on San Diego Forklift Training

Miami Forklift Certification

Forklift training and certification in Miami can get you ahead. Learn about some of the top employers and subtleties of the area.

More on Miami Forklift Training

Long Beach Forklift Certification

Named the best seaport in North America for a record 16 times, Long Beach offers several job opportunities as well as a great living environment. If you’re a Long Beach employer with training gaps, sign up with today!

More on Long Beach Forklift Training

Houston Forklift Certification

As the largest city in Texas, Houston has many jobs to offer those with ample forklift training and US forklift certification. Learn why Houston is a good option for a forklift driver.

More on Houston Forklift Training

Dallas Forklift Certification

Dallas attracts forklift drivers due to an abundance of big companies, including some of the nation’s most successful and notable manufacturing companies.

More on Dallas Forklift Training

New York Forklift Certification

You have got to love New York City if you are a forklift professional. Learn why the Big Apple attracts so many with forklift certifications.

More on New York Forklift Training

Phoenix Forklift Certification

Phoenix is a great place to be a forklift driver. The weather is always nice, although a little hot at times, and there are plenty of employers.

More on Phoenix Forklift Training

Philadelphia Forklift Certification

Philadelphia has attracted forklift drivers for centuries. Learn more about some of the unique traits for those with forklift certifications in the region.

More on Philadelphia Forklift Training.

Riverside Forklift Certification

Learn more about Riverside, a southern California city located in the Inland Empire. A variety of industries require forklift training, and you can get certified quickly and easily.

More on Riverside Forklift Training

Sacramento Forklift Certification

The capital of California is also a hub for forklift training and certification. Sacramento has a great deal for employees and employers.

More on Sacramento Forklift Training.

Columbus Forklift Certification

How much do you know about Columbus, Ohio? Well, it is a great place to be if you have a forklift license. Learn more about Columbus.

More on Columbus Forklift Training.

Austin Forklift Certification

Are you ready to keep it weird in the Live Music Capital of the World? Learn more about USA forklift training & certification training in Austin.

More on Austin Forklift Training

Fort Worth Forklift Certification

Fort Worth is one half of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, a MASSIVE establishment in north Texas. Learn more about forklift training and certification in the area.

More on Fort Worth Forklift Training

Indianapolis Forklift Certification

US forklift certification and training in Indianapolis can change your career – and your life! Learn more about the area.

More on Indianapolis Forklift Training

Jacksonville Forklift Certification

Forklift certification and training in Jacksonville can change your career – and your life! Jacksonville is a beautiful coastal city with a ton to offer. Learn more about the area.

More on Jacksonville Forklift Training

Tucson Forklift Certification

Learn more about Tucson, AZ. From opportunities to work with forklifts at big companies, to smaller organizations, we have the information you need to kick off or further your career.

More on Tucson Forklift Training

San Francisco Forklift Certification

It’s the city that’s the home of the Golden Gate Bridge! Today, San Francisco is a top tourist destination renowned for cool, calm summers, fog, steep hills and famous landmarks. Learn more about the area.

More on San Francisco Forklift Training

San Antonio Forklift Certification

Living in America’s seventh most populous city can change both your career and your life. With an abundance of large companies, San Antonio is a great hub for those with forklift certification. Learn more about the area.

More on San Antonio Forklift Training

Memphis Forklift Certification

US forklift certification training in Memphis can get you ahead in your career. Learn about some of the top employers and subtleties of the area.

More on Memphis Forklift Training

Atlanta Forklift Certification

How much do you know about Atlanta? Well, it is a great place to be if you have a forklift license. Learn more about Atlanta.

More on Atlanta Forklift Training

Detroit Forklift Certification

The city with many nicknames, including Motor City and Motown, is a great hub for those with forklift certification. Learn more about Detroit.

More on Detroit Forklift Training

Charlotte Forklift Certification

Charlotte, North Carolina offers employment opportunities as well as fun activities to do when you’re not working. Learn more about Charlotte.

More on Charlotte Forklift Training

Denver Forklift Certification

The beautiful city of Denver, Colorado offers a promising quality of life and an array of potential employers. Learn more about USA forklift certification in Denver.

More on Denver Forklift Training

Oregon Forklift Certification

Oregon is known for its laid back culture and lush landscape. There is also a huge selection of jobs that require forklift training. Learn more about Oregon.

More on Oregon Forklift Training

Minneapolis Forklift Certification

Although Minneapolis might have cold winters, it also has a promising quality of life and opportunities for employment. Learn more about Minneapolis.

More on Minneapolis Forklift Training

Kansas City Forklift Certification

Kansas City offers a fun environment with a huge selection of city activities, as well as opportunities to use forklift training. Learn more about Kansas City.

More on Kansas City Forklift Training

Las Vegas Forklift Certification

Besides the excitement of the Strip, Las Vegas offers job opportunities to those with USA forklift certification training. Learn more about Las Vegas.

More on Las Vegas Forklift Training

Boston Forklift Certification

Boston is a great area for those who have US forklift certification, as well as for those who simply love the north Atlantic coast. Learn more about Boston today.

More on Boston Forklift Training

Fresno Forklift Certification

Learn more about forklift training in Fresno! This California city is a busy hub for many industries where forklift certification is required.

More on Fresno Forklift Training

Milwaukee Forklift Certification

Milwaukee, Wisconsin is booming with job opportunities for those who have had previous forklift training and certification, including renewal training. Learn more about Milwaukee.

More on Milwaukee Forklift Training

Tampa Forklift Certification

This Florida city has plenty of job opportunities for those who are forklift certified in shipping and beyond. Learn more about Tampa.

More on Tampa Forklift Training

Raleigh Forklift Certification

If you live in Raleigh, North Carolina and are interested in forklift training, click to read more about the area and how forklift certification can help.

More on Raleigh Forklift Training

El Paso Forklift Certification

Learn more about US forklift certification, forklift jobs and even fun activities that you can do in El Paso, Texas.

More on El Paso Forklift Training 

New Orleans Forklift Certification

Discover the cost of living, quality of life and where forklift certification can take you in New Orleans. This fun city proves to be more than just a party spot, with many available jobs for those that have forklift training.

More on New Orleans Forklift Training

Stockton Forklift Certification 

Learn more about where to get forklift certification in Stockton, CA. With a wide range of employment options, Stockton stands out as a great place to both live and work.

More on Stockton Forklift Training

Cleveland Forklift Certification

Located on the Southern shore of Lake Erie, Cleveland is a thriving city in the United States. If you currently live in Cleveland or are thinking about moving there, you know it is a great place to work. Learn more about getting your USA forklift certification in Cleveland today.

More on Cleveland Forklift Training

Arlington Forklift Certification

Are you looking to get forklift certified and a USA forklift license in Arlington, Texas? Learn more today about the benefits of becoming forklift certified and land your dream forklift job in Arlington today.

More on Arlington Forklift Training

Nashville Forklift Certification

Nashville, TN is continuing to thrive in job opportunities. Earn your forklift certification today with CertifyMe and obtain a job in Nashville. We provide quality training to prepare you for future forklift jobs.

More on Nashville Forklift Training

Baltimore Forklift Certification

Baltimore offers a variety of jobs with the forklift field. Get quality forklift training and ensure your company has complete USA forklift training & certification today!.

More on Baltimore Forklift Training

Oklahoma City Forklift Certification

Need US forklift operator certification in Oklahoma City? CertifyMe offers industry recognized forklift training to those looking to earn their US forklift certification

More on Oklahoma City Forklift Training

Portland City Forklift Certification

Portland is Oregon’s largest city. If looking to settle down in the beautiful city of Portland and want to kick start your forklift career, get forklift training and certification with CertifyMe.

More on Portland Forklift Training

San Jose Forklift Certification

As California’s third largest city, San Jose, CA is a city full of new opportunities. If looking for a change in career, visit CertifyMe to get forklift training and certification!

More on San Jose Forklift Training

Seattle Forklift Certification

Although Seattle is known for its infamous rainy season, the rain doesn’t stop forklift operation! Visit to read about how to get forklift training and certification in Seattle

More on Seattle Forklift Training

Louisville Forklift Certification

Many are hiring forklift certified workers in Louisville, KY. Make sure you’re qualified and get your online training in Louisville with!

More on Louisville Forklift Training

Mesa Forklift Certification

Forklifts can be potentially dangerous pieces of machinery if not properly trained. Make sure you have your OSHA compliant USA forklift certification and training from to get a forklift job in Mesa, AZ.

More on Mesa Forklift Training

Virginia Beach Forklift Certification

With a beautiful coast and endless list of attractions, Virginia Beach is an ideal place to live in and work. Get qualified for an array of jobs in Virginia Beach with forklift training and certification from

More on Virginia Beach Forklift Training

Albuquerque Forklift Certification

As the most populous city in the state of New Mexico, Albuquerque offers many employment opportunities to those with forklift training and certification. Register your company today with

More on Albuquerque Forklift Training

Washington D.C. Forklift Certification

The capital of the United States, Washington D.C. is a great place to live and work. While D.C. technically isn’t a state, the region is still subject to state forklift certification requirements. Get qualified to operate a forklift in Washington D.C. by getting forklift training and certification by

More on Washington D.C. Forklift Training

Boise Forklift Certification

As the capital of Idaho, Boise has a lot going on for it. Make sure you qualify for a forklift operator job at a variety of establishments by getting your Boise forklift training and certification with

More on Boise Forklift Training

Register with CM Today for USA Forklift Training & Certification is ready to help today with your US forklift operator certification, including three-year renewal training. Call us today at 1-888-699-4800, or contact us and we’ll answer all your questions related to US forklift certification. Thanks for visiting!

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