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Q: Where Can I Get Forklift Training?

A: With CertifyMe.net, anywhere on the planet with an Internet connection!

Are you a trained and experienced but unlicensed powered industrial truck operator? Would you like to know where to get a forklift license? CertifyMe.net can help you get a forklift license at your workplace, in your local library or in the comfort and convenience of your own home, right next to the coffee-maker! All you need is an Internet connection.

Where to Get Forklift Certification

Where to Get Forklift Certification

Why should I want to know where to get forklift certification?

Why would anybody want to know where to get forklift certified? Ask yourself this: Why would anybody want to earn more money? Certified forklift operators get all the good jobs. Ever since new health and safety regulations came into force, OSHA has the power to impose stiff fines of up to $7,000 for EACH non-certified operator. Certain willful violations attract fines as high as $30,000. In today’s competitive job environment, who do you think the best jobs will go to – non-certified operators or the people who know where to get a forklift license? THAT is why you should want to know where to get forklift certification! The how part is easy!

With forklift certification, you can make yourself indispensable to your current or future employer. That is another reason why you want to know where to get forklift certified in a real forklift class!

Okay, now I know where to get forklift certified, how does CertifyMe.net work?

Provided you already have some experience at operating a forklift truck, CertifyMe.net can have you trained and certified within the space of an hour or two. OSHA demands that forklift operators be trained in two phases:

Phase One: Classroom-style training

This part of your training and certification is conducted online by experienced forklift operators with additional training on all OSHA vital safety regulations and how to make sure you “get” it. There are no books, no videos or DVDs for you to purchase. At the end of the training, there is a short test to demonstrate that you understood the information that was presented to you. This test is “open book” so you can go back and refer to the course material if you happen to answer a question incorrectly.

Phase Two: Hands-on evaluation – where to get forklift certification

The second part of where to get forklift certified takes place on the site where you will be working. OSHA requires that site-specific and equipment-specific training and certification be provided in addition to classroom-style training. It is MANDATORY for the employer to provide this. Once you have completed the online training and passed the test, your computer will automatically print out a checklist for the hands-on evaluation. After you have passed Phase Two of your training, your employer may then print out a temporary certificate of completion and an operator card. Permanent ‘original’ copies will follow 7 to 10 days later in the mail.

How much does it cost to get forklift certification with CertifyMe.net?

The cost for online forklift school training, hands-on evaluation, certificate of completion, operator card and three-year renewal is only $49.95 per operator! This will pay for itself in next to no time!

Where can I get forklift training to become a hands-on evaluator?

Maybe you already have forklift certification and you want to know where to get forklift certified to be a trainer. CertifyMe.net has a course for that, too. The cost for the “Train the Trainer” package is $110.00. This, too, may be completed online.

I don’t know how to operate a forklift. I want to know where to get forklift training.

Until you are trained in the basic operation of a powered industrial truck, there is little that CertifyMe.net can do for you. Places where you can seek this type of training include
* Forklift dealer
* Local Job Corps vocational training
* Local material handling dealer
* Community college
* Ask your current employer

Take the next step to higher pay

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Follow step-by-step instructions to get OSHA compliant!

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